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How to spot crazy people when dating

Updated on March 25, 2013

Crazy Dating

When dating please make note of the following situations that should alarm you

  1. Too much too soon. After a few dates and a few conversations they are ready to move in, commit to a relationship, and discuss marriage.
  2. Wanting to know too much of your information. Wants to know your exact birthday, where you were born, where you work, etc. All information used to assist with researching/stalking someone.
  3. Someone who is always willing to come to your location/residence but never wants to expose his.
  4. Introduction to friends and family members way too soon. Don’t think this is cute; this is a sign of CRAZY!
  5. I love you. Love what? He/she doesn’t even really know you so if you believe that one right away check your desperate to be loved meter.
  6. Controlling behavior. It is never appropriate to groom someone, put input into their wardrobe, or tell someone how you like them to wear their hair or makeup. This person is not there to change or alter who you are but appreciate who you are; a unique individual.
  7. Why it may seem nice at first; you have no business explaining why you didn’t answer the phone or allowing someone to dominate all your time. They need to understand you have a life, friends, and family that you spend time with and your life does not come to a halt for them.
  8. Outbursts of anger or out of control rage. When conflict exists and this person is irrational, ranting and raving without logic=problem.
  9. True sign of crazy is someone who gets angry when asked to respect your personal space until you feel safe revealing information.
  10. Interaction should be easy and not forced. Listen to your gut and don’t allow charm to over-ride your intellect.


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