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How to spy on a cheating spouse

Updated on November 30, 2011

Online affairs are increasing daily

Have you ever walked in to a room where your spouse is working on the computer, and they happen to minimize the screen while you're talking to them? Do you notice that their computer is password protected now and it never has been? Is your spouse working on the computer more than they ever have in the past for no good reason? Your spouse might be cheating, and it may be time to spy.

All too often people get comfortable in their marriage and start to lose interest in the other person. This could lead to venerability, and to cheating. The Internet is a very fertile place to plant a seed of destruction. Marriage councilors have noticed a spike in the amount of online affairs in the past 4 years. With the number of growing chat rooms and online dating services, cheating spouses are inevitable.

The increasing number of ways to cheat goes hand in hand with an increasing number of ways to spy on your cheating spouse. The tools are easy to install and give you concrete evidence of a cheating spouse. The software will track every keystroke and every login or password your cheating spouse types.

If you have some suspicion your spouse is cheating because of unusual behavior on their computer, you're probably right. Just be ready for anything when you install the software, sometimes we think we know what's going on but we are clueless, especially if you work long hours and your spouse is home all day, you never know what you'll find, just be ready for anything.

Some people will argue that this is invasion of privacy, but I look at as a way of finding out the truth. Trust is the biggest part of any relationship, if you feel like your spouse has broken the bond of trust and is sneaking around, it is your right to find out the truth and save your dignity. There would be no reason to buy this type of software if there was true love in the marriage, love is built on trust, if you can't trust, then you have no love.

Late nights and early mornings

If you start to notice unusual sleep patterns like staying up really late or getting up unusually early and heading to the computer, it could be another sign your spouse is cheating. Chat rooms come alive late at night and it is well known that the party starts after dark. Getting up early to check email with no interruptions while everyone is sleeping is a great start to every cheaters day.

Cheaters will find time for their new relationship because of the excitement. It's all new, and very exciting. They will stop at nothing, their new friend is there best customer, and we drop everything for our best customers, don't we? Even if it means being late for events like kids games or family parties, a cheating spouse will take time away from important engagements and never think twice.

Cheating is like a drug, if you only have a little, you want more. Nothing stops a druggie from spending his last dollar on a high, and cheating is the same way, you get a high, a sort of rush, and they just want more at the expense of time, but sometimes it goes too far.  So if your spouse seems to be late for different events more often than not, or their getting up unusually early to check the computer, this might be a red flag.


Pay phones are an option

The cell phone is a great way to communicate if your cheating on your spouse, the problem is it's very easy to get caught. Cell phone numbers get logged to the provider, and even information about what cell tower you used is stored in a data base, not that anyone would ever go that far in catching a cheating spouse.

Have you ever gave any thought to the fact that pay phones are everywhere? What would stop a cheating spouse from using a pay phone. Pay phones are in malls, hotels, restaurants, convenient stores, air ports and the list goes on. If you have a cheating spouse and they really don't want to get caught, they can avoid all electronic devices and be very discrete about their affair.

Cell phones are a dead giveaway. All you have to do is call your provider and request a history of your phone bill, and that's just for starters. Checking text history is pretty easy, and so is checking the call history, if these are cleared every day, it's a sure sign your spouse is hiding something. You can also check the speed dial option, it's easy to put a letter or an abbreviation for the contact.

I put a link in below where you can find more options to investigate your dilemma. There are all sorts of strategies and tactics to investigate your cheating spouse but one of the best tools is the key logger software. By far, this software catches more spouses cheating than anything on the market. It installs in minutes and no one knows it's there. Visit

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How Keylogger works

Your Opinion Matters!

If you think your spouse is cheating because of unusual behavior, in your opinion, do you have the right to spy?

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    • eddiecarrara profile image

      Eddie Carrara 8 years ago from New Hampshire

      Thank you thevoice, my best friend used this software to catch his wife, so I thought it would be cool to share.

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      thevoice 8 years ago from carthage ill

      very unique hub thanks be careful