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How to start enjoy sex for woman?

Updated on April 5, 2016

It's no secret that not every woman gets pleasure from sex.

If a man is programmed to get satisfaction by nature, then that is not so easy for the another half of humanity. What can women do? Wait until the partner understand how to please them, or to rely the nature? Of course, they must act resolutely by themselves!

At first, if you are a woman, you must want to get it very very much, some women believe that nothing terrible in the absence of orgasm, and they feel excellent. Let me assure you - when you give up from the joy of sex, you lose a lot in life.

Secondly, you must kill your fear. Sometimes the woman is afraid of that she will not like it and all the efforts are vain. There is no reason to live with fear. If you'll try, you'll get it.

Third, you should not set the timing and wait for the good day for you. You just need to relax and enjoy the process itself.

Fourthly, we must always work on ourselves. There is nothing to be ashamed of masturbation. Choose a time when you will be alone, relax, you can turn on the soft music, and start to explore your body. You should find all erogenous zones. As you know, a lot of them - neck, chest, hips, some women excites even touching the feet. Be creative, explore all your body. Determine what space is the most sensitive. Think about something pleasant, imagine yourself in the lap of nature with a partner.

Then move on to more decisive action. The most sensitive organ in women - the clitoris. Touch to this point in different ways - stroking, a little push, slower, faster ... The better you learn how to give you pleasure, the easier it will be to explain to you sex partner. You may need some time, the main thing for you now is not to leave this occupation.

Fifth, you have to bring all the collected information to a partner. Women are often embarrassed to talk about sex with his soul mate, but otherwise how a man can understand what you like, and what you dislike? Do not expect an instant orgasm, enjoy the process. Generally, throw out everything of your head, forget about work, repairs and shopping.

In addition, practice in sex in various places. Perhaps, in the elevator, in nature or in the car you will get excited more quickly, than at home. Maybe you need more adrenaline in the blood!

And yet, dear women, stop thinking about that you are ugly. A common mistake of the women during the sex process is thinking of the fact that you have cellulite, small breasts, big hips. It has long been proved that a man appreciates a woman in a whole and not partly, and during the sex - even more than ever.

We must take from life all that it offers, without renouncing its joys, worries. Above all, do not forget that you should try it a little bit for yourself.


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    • profile image

      Perfect 3 years ago

      Sex is so nice and sweet but is very hard 2 begain because u wil be shy just try and kil it be 4 u begain after that u wil nw be enjoying sex thanks

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      i love you