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How to stroke a man's ego: Boosting and understanding the male ego

Updated on February 5, 2013
Increase a guy confidence and self-esteem levels by stroking his ego.
Increase a guy confidence and self-esteem levels by stroking his ego. | Source

How to stroke a man's ego? Understanding the male ego is made easy as this post looks at different things women can say or do to boost a man's ego. All these tips can generally be used for guys of various age groups in different settings including relationships, family, college or work. When a girl massages a guy's ego, his confidence and self-esteem levels are likely to peak.

1) Compliment a man for his car

One of the simplest ways to stroke a man's ego is to adore his set of wheels. Whether he has a fancy sports car or a daily driver sedan, showering him with compliments for his car will have him smiling from ear to ear.

Men are known to hold their cars very near to their heart. When a woman shows him that she likes his car, it is an instant boost to his ego. Complete your compliment by asking him a few questions about the performance of his car. Be a good listener and allow him to boast and speak his heart out.

2) Award him the title of being the best kisser ever

Kissing is one of the most basic yet essential physical acts of a relationship. Tell your man that he is the best kisser ever and that every other guy on the planet should take lessons from him on how to kiss a girl.

Your man will love to know that you are so fond of his kissing skills. He will secretly feel like a small child who has just been given his favorite candy.

Guys love their gadgets. Telling a guy that he has a cool cell phone will definitely make him feel nice.
Guys love their gadgets. Telling a guy that he has a cool cell phone will definitely make him feel nice. | Source

3) Tell a guy that he has a cool cell phone

Men are famously known to be gadget freaks. For guys a cell phone is not just a device for making calls or sending texts. Whether it is an iPhone, android smartphone or a Blackberry, guys consider their cell phones to be a reflection of who they are. Inflate his ego by telling him how awesome and cool his cell phone is.

Don't just throw a generic compliment about his cell phone. Ask him to show you its features and app. Tap away and play with his cell phone to watch him look smitten.

4) Boost a man's ego by telling him that he is a tough guy

You can stroke a man's ego with ease by telling him that he is tough and macho. Give him the impression that you think he is an alpha male. Guys may not admit it all the time but they feel pumped when they are called tough, macho, manly or raw by the opposite sex.

5) Take a man's help and then tell him how strong he is

Stroking a man's ego can be as simple as getting him to open a jam bottle for you and then make him bubble with pride by telling him that only his strong arms could have done the job.

Men love to hear that they are strong. Whether it is lifting a heavy box or opening a box of chocolates, use the simplest of situations to compliment him.

6) Inflate your man's ego by telling him that you crave him

Anything positive reinforcement related to a man's sexuality can immediately boost his ego. Pick a random moment to tell your boyfriend or husband that you crave him. A guy will instantly have a bounce in his steps when he knows that his partner is sexually attracted to him.

One of the things that women want from men in relationships is a show of love and emotion with mushy phrases like I Miss You or I Love You. From the perspective of understanding the male ego, sexuality is a key element that can be played upon to ignite confidence, self-esteem and pride.

Tell your man that you feel safe and secure in his arms.
Tell your man that you feel safe and secure in his arms.

7) Tell a guy that you feel safe with him

Men are typically known to be protective of their partners. Telling a guy that you feel safe when he is around, will instantly inflate his ego and you are likely to see him stand tall and proud.

Regardless of the fact that a guy is well built or skinny, he will take pride in the fact that a girl feels protected in his company.

8) Appreciate a man's muscles to boost his ego

Regardless of a man's body type, appreciating his muscles will massage his ego and make him beam with a smile. Just like how body image related issues are a core part of a woman's self-esteem levels, men also draw a lot of inspiration when a woman compliments his body.

A man doesn't need to be ripped and muscular to be praised. If you think it would be impractical to tell a guy that he has a great body because he is either too skinny or to plump, pick a certain body part and play on it. Compliment him that he has broad shoulders or that his forearms make him look strong.

9) Tell a man that he is a smooth talker

Men are known to be proud of their ability to talk well, negotiate, argue and be called good conversationalists. When a woman re-enforces this, it can be an icing on the cake for them.

Stroke a man's ego by telling him that he is a smooth talker and that he handles awkward situations well. You can massage his ego even further by telling him that his smooth talking skills can help him start conversations with any girl he wants.

10) Call him handsome, good looking and other names

It is a myth that only women like getting compliments on looks. Men adore it too and they feel a shot of self-esteem when women compliment them on their looks.

Use words like handsome, hot, good looking and sexy to boost your boyfriend's or husband's ego instantly. A quick compliment before entering a party or event can be just the dose of confidence he needs.

Asking a man for his opinion and advice over important matters will make him feel valued.
Asking a man for his opinion and advice over important matters will make him feel valued.

11) Seek his advice and opinion before taking an important decision

When you consult your man's and ask for his advice and opinions before taking an important decision, it will send a direct message that you value his word. Even if you have made up your mind on something, run it through him.

Once you listen to his opinion, ponder over it and thank him. Massage his ego and top it off by telling him that you are glad to have his unbiased perspective.

12) Praise him in front of friends and family

Praising a guy in front of his friends or family will instantly make him feel good. A public platform of appreciation will set him up to be in high spirits.

He will also appreciate the fact that you made an effort to make him look good in front of others. Be subtle about your praise and voice tone or else you may come across as a person who is a show off.


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      21 months ago from Florida

      And keep in mind, once you are married, you never have to do any of those things again!

      Ooops, did I type that?

    • Jean m kliemann profile image

      Jean m kliemann 

      2 years ago

      Thank you

      Search & ye shall find, smiles



    • Ruchira profile image


      7 years ago from United States

      This was like putting him up on a pedestal...but it is so true and they are the facts :)

      loved reading them...voted up as useful and interesting

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      7 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      So helpful and true about these points mentioned, any guy would want to hear these tips and feel good about himself.

    • torrilynn profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice hub. Very interesting. Your techniques can really help any woman get close to a man or at least show him that he is appreciated. Voted up.


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