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How to survive High School: It's not (just) about the grades.

Updated on January 16, 2015

Let's face it...

surviving high school is an integral part of life. Most professional jobs in America require you to have finished high school (gotten your GED) and to have gone to college (gotten your BA). High school is a time to learn the basics in subjects like math, science, and english. You get good grades so that you get a good GPA so that you get into a good college.

So you may think that the key to success in high school is studying and doing nothing else, right?


Good grades are important but there is another aspect of high school that has an even bigger affect on a person's life.


"High school changes people. Some for the better, some for the worst. But if one thing is true; you find out who your real friends are."- Unknown

No matter how cheesy you think that quote is, it's true.

In high school you make friends and you lose friends but the important thing is that you make friends. An important part of high school is socialization. Kids ages 15-19 spend most of their time in high school. High school is where most kids will meet their first boyfriend, have their first truly embarrassing moment, go to their first dance, get drunk for the first time, smoke their first blunt and maybe even have sex.

Now, I'm not advising all high school aged kids to get drunk, smoke a blunt and hop on the first guy they see. What I am saying is that many life altering experiences happen to kids in high school. The friends you make and the company you keep are a large part of where you'll be when you get that high school degree.

So, not only is it important for you to make friends but it's extremely important for you to make the right friends.


The right friend...

will laugh at you when you fall and spit in your coke at lunch.

If you believed that then it's really good you are reading this article because you need help picking out friends!

In high school you meet all different types of people. It's important to recognize which people will lead you down the road of success and which people will end up pushing you off a cliff.

Step 1: Does this person care about my well-being?

If the answer is YES you are on your way to making a knew friend!

If the answer is NO than you need to say Adios, see ya later because this person is not the right sort of friend.

Step 2: Does this person care about their own well-being?

If the answer is YES then they get another point.

If the answer is NO then dump them to the curb. If someone doesn't care about themselves then it's likely that they won't care about you.

Step 3: Does this person make me feel good?

A real friend will bring joy into your life. They will pick you up when you're down and they will give you encouragement.

A bad friend is someone who is unhappy and they bring that unhappiness into your life.

"If I can't be happy, you can't be happy!"- A bad friend

Step 4: Is this person honest and trustworthy?

A main component of a real friend is that you can trust your friend. An honest and trustworthy friend will turn your homework in for you when your sick and will let you know what you missed in class.

If you can't trust your friend then they are not a real friend.


Being a real friend

In high school it's not only important to find real friends but to be a real friend.

Being a real friend means that you are caring, honest, attentive and trustworthy.

As a real friend you will:

-help your friend when they are not understanding their homework.

-offer your shoulder to cry on when your friend is having a rough time.

-listen to your friend when they need someone to talk to.

-tell a funny joke and take your friend for ice-cream when they are looking sad.

-be there for your friend when they are in need.

High school at a glance...

When you are in high school it feel like you'll be there forever. Once you graduate and grow older you realize that high school is a short four years.

Make the most of your time in high school. Get good grades and make real friends.

Good grades last as long as your G.P.A. is important but a real friend lasts a lifetime.


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