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How to talk about love and relationship to teens

Updated on July 25, 2014

Befriend your teenager !!

Talking to teens about relationship and love
Talking to teens about relationship and love

Talking about relationship to the teenagers can be done without fireworks, here are some strategies that work

A way that parents can start a dialogue about love and relationship is to tell them stories about themselves .This help teenagers to feel little comfortable about strong and confused feeling they are developing within themselves.Though we all know that it's not easy to initiate discussion with teens about high and low of the love life.

Ideally, you mustn't wait until your children become teenagers to open the lines of communication about sex and relationship It is important to have many discussions over the years, rather than one "big talk." when you see things are changing in your child's life Young children should be given accurate information about their bodies and as they mature, they should be kept informed about upcoming changes in their physical self . Additionally, children need to be comfortable to come to you with questions and know that you will answer them honestly. Many parents find it difficult to talk to their children about sex, but it is important to overcome these reservations since you are your child's best and most reliable source of information and advice. Uninformed children are at an increased risk of becoming teenage parents or contract a sexually transmitted we must be careful as teenagers fall in love at the drop of a hat ,they do not understand that love takes time ,We have to tell them that a real love is respectful and need space for others to grow ,its not just being at other's beck and call.Particularly we must show concern to teenager girls who believe "loving a boy means doing anything he wants".

Sometimes children being computer bugs get in touch of friends via online instant chatting or messaging and gradually they get interested in each other and want to meet each other. Here we have to be careful ,we have to make our child understand that the person whom your child is going to meet may not have that spark which she is assuming .Sometime we like people because they like you but that's not good enough reason for you to fall in love take your time do some judging and keep safe. Do not sway to what he says ,call him home like a friend let parents judge him as a friend and as a person ,give the whole thing a space let it ripe in the mean time you can find out faults and good things about each other and see if you both can accept each other .These tips sometime seems useless as children are now venturing into the exciting and difficult world of relationship .Parents insight and wisdom is not heeded .because your child has built a crush .So the best way to approach may be little tricky,,ask your child How you feel when that boy/girl is around you ?What you like in him/her? and what you dislike i ?the girl/boy may say they feel comfortable when he'/she is around or may be she/he would say he/she makes him /her laugh or anything similar .now its your turn to handle the situation and ask further that is there anything you dislike ,she/he may come out with the fear that lies within them.Then we can talk to them and make them understand ,how love can be scary because it's a risk .

Make your child understand love is friendship ,take your child for a drive or may be while mothers work in the kitchen with their children around her . Talking intimacy with your daughter/son is not easy, make her/him understand by giving your own example that his or her parents were friends first and then they saw a positive side of friendship and their love flourished and ultimately they married .

Make your child understand that love include making mistakes and when we make mistakes we must learn to admit it and say sorry to each other .This will teach your child that connection is more important than the pride of being right .Let your child understand that love is a second name of trust as we know that the heat of an emotional moment is not the best time to be strict and protective .so look for less disciplined moments in the family example going out for a coffee or a long drive with your child and try to talk to your him/her and then may be they will open up and talk about their love relation and sexuality ,You begin with different topic like sports or school TV shows movies and then tactfully speak what you want to say or ask ,Make your child understand about the false kind of love which is promoted with sex -saturated entertainment .tell them again that love is friendship and need space to develop .

In the end we see actions speak louder than words ,great moments can occur during frank talks between parents and their teens though we all know we have little power over our teenagers ,they have their own choices we want them to know that, we are with them and will love them and accept them and walk with them ,regardless the choices they makes are the one we want them to make ,Be step in step with your child you may succeed in your attempt to make them realize good and bad of those growing relationship .


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