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How to tell if a relationship is right

Updated on January 1, 2017

Relationship 101

We have all been in relationships that may have seemed to make sense. However, after a while it seems as though everything may be going on a downward spiral. At that point you have to decide if the relationship is what you want or if it is not. There will always be some sort of small obstacle in the way in a relationship, it is a part of life. We have to be willing to deal with it or just be alone. Some people out there may choose to be alone because they are unable to find that special someone that they want to be with. Then again there are also those people out there who find their soul mate in the 3rd grade or in high school.

At the end of the day we want to find someone that makes sense in our life and will fit our needs to an extent. We all want to be loved and cared for. However, when you find that person, then be willing to accept the fact that there will be arguments, disagreements and fights. They may not always go very well. However, if you end the night on a loving note or do not go to bed mad then you have fixed the issue many other couples have not. When we fight, we tend to want to sleep separately or take a break. In all reality, it is not necessarily a healthy thing. After a fight, even if it is not your fault, you may want to be the first one to apologize. During your apology make sure to show affection toward your significant other. These fights often happen to open our eyes. However, there are those fights that do not make sense and the best thing to do at the moment is just stop the conversation and hug each other. Thus moving on with your day or night.

Note that there is a difference between an argument and a fight. Let alone a argument is in the same category as a disagreement. When it comes to a fight, there is often yelling involved. Fights are never good in any relationship. Just know that you are not alone and no couple is perfect. We all have our differences and obstacles that may ruin our relationship.


In closing, I would like to state that the best thing you can do in a relationship is to love your significant other. Then when presented a tough obstacle. Deal with it in the moment and fix the issue so that it does not continue to create any issues. Better to finish a fight then to keep it going on. It will help you both to be happier in the end. Keep your head up and push forward!


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