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How to understand a relationship

Updated on January 8, 2013

Why do you need to learn how to understand a relationship?

Understanding a relationship and understanding how to communicate in one is the most vital, and center of how they work. Relationships are based off of trust, commitment, respect, and loyalty. Trust in a relationship is the most important, if you have no trust then it will never work, if you can't turn your back for one second without thinking your other half is going to leave you, cheat on you, or flirt with others then you need to find the trust to give and earn it, or start over with someone you can fully have trust with. Second, commitment is vital, if you can't be with that someone you trust, for a long period of time or even a short period of time, well let's hope it's a long time, then what is the point in even reading or trying to be in a relationship? yes just being friends is cool, but with that you don't need commitment. Third, respect, you just learn to respect, and honor each others boundaries, you must be able to have time alone, and time apart. Respect is everything in life, whether in a relationship or not, if your spouse asks you kindly and respectfully not to do something that may conflict you two, or have a disagreement about something then you should speak how you feel about it, RESPECTFULLY. Respect is key when being able to communicate, you need to have respect for everyone you communicate with, respect what he or she is saying, opinions, ideas, or even just space. Communication is also key to having a successful relationship, obviously without it, you wont talk to one another, any for of talking is communication but having good communication skills will better you both. Communication must be calm, collective, understanding, un-confrontational, and respectful.

You and your spouse need to be on the same level, "50/50", to make each other 100% without this there will always be conflict in your day to day communication, immaturity can cause one or both to become off balance with the level at which your mentalities should be.

Listen to him or her, think about what they're saying, respect it, and honor it.

When a problem occurs in a relationship, talk it out, don't, cuss, fight, bicker, or yell, be calm, collective, understanding and caring of each other and your feelings.

Problems are a natural part of a relationship, they are uncontrollable to a certain extent, there's a possibility that you two could never have a problem, but that takes much more than what you find now a days.

Compliments, whether you be of the male or female persuasion, compliments are good incentive to have a more welcoming, caring, flirtatious, and exciting relationship.

Jealousy is a big card dealer in relationships, jealousy can ruin, make stronger or crumble a relationship, even push it past sanity, DON'T EVER get obsessed over someone looking at your woman/man, it's a part of life, others will always be curious as to which girl has the biggest butt, or which man has the biggest genitalia, regardless of that talk, it's looking, and if you have everything I've listed above then you should know after all the looking, drooling and thinking others do about you or your better half, at the end of the day they will be in your arms no one else's, this isn't always the case some people are good liars, but if you believe in what I've wrote and you believe in your heart, then jealousy should never be an issue as long as you remember what I've said, getting obsessed with jealousy is not the way to go, if your woman looks sexy, tight outfit, and great looking body, that's because she feels sexy, I mean, wouldn't you love to have the confidence to feel good about what you were and feel about yourself? Women need that, society has ruined the image of what a woman is to look like, yet there is no limitations on what they are to look like, everyone is beautiful in their own way, big, tall, skinny, short, love is out there waiting for someone, never know when but it eventually happens, not just in a relationship, I mean didn't you love that pet you had when you were 5? I bet he loved you too, love is everywhere.

I hope you've enjoyed my article and I hope that I've helped you in anyway.

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Thanks my readers,



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