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How to win a fight with your boyfriend: Ways to win arguments with guys in relationships

Updated on November 30, 2013

How to win a fight with your boyfriend? All relationships have their fair share of fights about jealousy, possessiveness, not spending enough time with each other and a lot of other silly things. Tears and 'don't you love me?' are traditional trump cards but there are better ways to have your way during a fight with your boyfriend. Find out how you can use well-timed bouts of logic, practicality, flirting and crying to have your say.

Remind him of all the times he was wrong.
Remind him of all the times he was wrong. | Source

1) Remind your boyfriend of the times he was wrong

Weakening others by reminding them of all the times they were wrong is a tactic used in boardrooms, college classrooms and even school playgrounds. There is no reason why you shouldn't use it while bickering with your boyfriend too.

The next time you have a fight with your boyfriend, anchor your argument around one of your similar past tussles in which he was wrong. Keep driving the point home until you weaken his stance to the point where he just gives up and accepts whatever you say.

2) Apologize and walk away when it is not your fault

Add a strange twist to a fight with your boyfriend by apologizing and walking out even when it is not your fault. Say 'If you think I'm at fault, I'm sorry' and follow it up with a cute 'I Love You' as you walk away with a very sad expression on your face.

This strange acceptance will throw your boyfriend out of his comfort zone because it is not something he would have expected. He will instantly mellow down and realize his mistake.

3) Use practical examples to prove your point

Guys love to see the practical side of things. This is why you may have heard your boyfriend saying silly stuff like:

  • Why would you want to spend a couple of hundred dollars on shoes, that doesn't make sense
  • I don't understand why you had to take the cab when you could have walked a mile and taken the bus
  • Why you girls take an hour to get ready, I will never understand

Instead of getting frustrated about why he has to see the practical side of every little thing, win fights with your boyfriend by using his mundane and boring practicality against him.

Whenever he makes an argument that is not valid from a practical perspective, pin him down and make a note of it. The next time he plays the practicality card, simply remind him of the time when he wasn't practical about a certain thing.

Be firm and stand your ground when you are right.
Be firm and stand your ground when you are right.

4) Don't be a pushover: Stand your ground when you are right

Guys hate it when their girlfriends accept fault for something that they are not responsible for. This typically happens when a narcissist boyfriend uses his dominating personality to get his girlfriend to take blame for stuff that she hasn't done. He may temporarily win the argument but in the long run he will hate the fact that she succumbs to his dominating ways. Deep down inside, he wants her to stand up for what she believes in.

If this is the case in your relationship, win over your boyfriend's dominating ways by refusing to back down when you are right. Be calm, look straight into his eyes and tell him that you won't budge from your stance because you are right. Your level-headed attitude will subdue his initial burst of anger.

5) Get into a habit of being right: Avoid dead-end arguments

People who tend to be right most of the times can win arguments even when they are wrong. This is because they carry an aura based on their previous arguments. Take cue and get into the habit of being right when it comes to petty arguments in your relationship.

The key is to avoid picking unnecessary fights but when you do pick one, make sure you are right. Doing this a couple of times again and again will set a trend. It will passively strengthen your position every time you argue with him.

6) Flirting and push-up bras: Win a fight by leaving him speechless

A little bit of flirting is a playful way of diverting your boyfriend's attention from the core of any argument. While it won't work every time, fights that are not blown out of proportion can be pushed off-track with some distraction.

From push-up bras to naughty winks, use every trick to flirt with your guy while arguing with him at the same time. The idea is to distract him so that he fumbles, at which point you can swoop in with your affirmative voice and valid arguments to win the day.

Catch him when he is his most vulnerable. The time when he is watching his favorite TV show might be right.
Catch him when he is his most vulnerable. The time when he is watching his favorite TV show might be right.

7) Fight when your boyfriend is vulnerable

Depending on his personality, your boyfriend may be highly vulnerable during some of these moments:

  • When he is playing a video game and he is about to have a good finish to a race or a round
  • When he is watching Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars, American Chopper, The Big Bang Theory, Top Gear or one of his other favorite TV shows
  • When he is watching his favorite movie
  • When he is on a guy's night out with his buddies
  • When you are both spending time with his parents
  • When he is watching the last five minutes of a nail-biting basketball, football, soccer or any other game

These moments make him vulnerable because he would rather agree with you than stop what he is doing. For example, corner your boyfriend when he is about to level up on his favorite video game. He will have no choice but to agree with whatever you say because he can't risk taking his attention away from the game.

8) Using the trump card 'I thought you loved me'

'I thought you loved me' – this is one line that boyfriends really have no come back to. None of their logic will work when their girlfriends utter these words. It will be the final blow to an argument.

Be genuine, make a sad face and look straight in his eyes when you say these words. If your boyfriend really loves you, he will fumble instantly. He will be lost for words and will have no choice but to let go of a silly fight. Don't use this all the time or else it will stop being effective.

9) Let logic rule over emotion: Take a bird's eye view of the argument

Winning arguments with your boyfriend can sometimes be as easy as putting away your emotional attachment to the issue. Detach yourself from the situation and ask yourself – how would an outsider look at it.

Take a bird's eye view of your fight and think about how you can argue while using logical points. Guys see logic in most issues that bother a relationship on a day to day basis. If you can let the core of your argument be driven by logic as opposed to emotion, you will beat him in his own comfort zone.

Don't be fake. But if your boyfriend's silly arguments have brought you to tears, don't hold them back.
Don't be fake. But if your boyfriend's silly arguments have brought you to tears, don't hold them back.

10) Don't hold your tears back if they come naturally

After diamonds, tears may very well be a girl's best friend. Tears can do what diamonds can't – get you out of trouble.

Don't be manipulative by faking it. But if the tears start rolling down your cheek naturally after a lot of back and forth, use the sobs as a last resort.

Sobbing is a natural reaction to being hurt and feeling sad. Don't hold back your emotions if your boyfriend keeps arguing relentlessly to a point when you can take no more.


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