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How to win your girlfriend's heart.

Updated on May 28, 2010

I make no claim to explaining the intricacies of the female mind. An encyclopedia might conceivably scratch the surface of the intriguing subject. However, it can be stated with some certainty that, as a rule:

Girlfriends admire at all time:

-Good clothes -Good grooming -Self -confidence -Masculinity -Good manners -Good health.

Girlfriends Dislike:

-Conceit -Smutly humor -Swearing -Uncouthness -Effeminacy -And since woman take great of such thing where as men are apt not to bother: halitosis and body odour.

7 ways To Wining Your Girlfriends Heart are:

1. Plan a day or evening out, and plan it to the least, smallest detail. Reserve a table at the restaurant.If you can afford it, take care of the transport problem by living a car or taxi; book seats in advance for the show.

2 When she invites you to her home, admire it, make full of her dog, and be pleasant to her family.

3 When she talks about clothes and makeup, be reasonably interested (i.e. assure her you are aware of her problems.)

4 Notice what she is wearing and compliment her on it (i.e. show your appreciate that she has gone to trouble to be a credit to you and to herself).

5 Give her flowers, even if she hands over to her mother: give chocolate even if she passes it straight to her younger brother because chocolate are fattening (i.e. demonstrates what no woman in creation has ever been able to resist: flattery).

6 Surprise her with frequent, but not necessary expensive gifts (i.e. prove you are always thinking of her).

7 Invite her to your home to meet your family (i.e. let her know that your intentions are honorable, that are taking the affair seriously).


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      Jimoh Temitope 7 years ago

      To be realistic you are saying the real koko