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How women should behave when dating

Updated on June 25, 2016
What is behind those smiles?
What is behind those smiles? | Source

For so long many women have done whatever it takes to get a man's affection. We should all realize that it is better to make a man curious about who we are than to offer everything to him at once. Behave as a lady. What is a lady? A lady has a particular elegance and grace that makes her beautiful. A lady masters the art of being a women with dignity.

Dressing skimpy or throwing yourself at a man is really a bad idea and should be avoided. Allow a man to respect your mind and to see your inner beauty. Give him a hint, just a small glimpse that is classy and beautiful. Many times young ladies are bombarded by a secular world that makes them feel that in order to be liked, they must present themselves in a provocative way. But if you want to really stand out from the rest and get a good man's attention you have to remember modesty and self respect. Many women will argue that there is nothing wrong with being sexy and that it is a freedom of expression and a right to choose to be wild and freely explore all options when dating. But the after effects of dating and entering a relationship without boundaries and high expectations can lead to so many problems.

Women should make their expectations known, they should look beautiful because they value themselves and they know what they are capable of. Women should not have sex so carelessly without thinking about the seriousness of it and what good and bad comes from a few seconds of enjoyment. Why would a woman share herself with a man who does not care enough to first commit to her?

Understandably many women have bad examples that proceed them. Mothers who at times lead complicated relationships with their fathers, the high levels of abuse that women experience growing up from deadbeat dads. We should not let our past shape our present nor our future. According to Dan Couvrette, from Divorce Magazine, if your parents divorced you have 40% chance of divorcing yourself. Furthermore, if they remarry your chances of divorce are even higher. It takes a lot to look a way when our parents make mistakes and to not follow their habits. However, women must lead their lives to a better, more healthy relationship by dating appropriately with guidelines to start out on the right path.

When dating or starting a new relationship:

1) Do not present yourself in a manner that will attract the wrong kind of man.

If you know you are looking for quality then you need to attract quality. The wrong type would be someone that will not be willing to love the real you.

2) Do not become to relaxed too fast, he needs to prove himself worthy of trust.

3) Be willing to take your new date or friend to a conservative outing or on some good will outing that requires decency and more concentration on who you really are.

Ex: Helping less fortunate children at a shelter together instead of the movies. Think about it, what are you doing at the movies? What would you be doing at a help center? Which place would show you more about the man's character?

4) Discuss non negotiables up front, do not pretend to be something today that you will not be comfortable being tomorrow.

5) Be your best, show off your intelligence, character, or heart, more than your body. Remember he can get sex anywhere, but he can only get your uniqueness from you, so display it with glee.

6) If a man is asking you for financial favors, please refrain from helping in most cases. A man should be strong and hard working.

7) What do you want? Make sure you want what is right and worthwhile. Sometimes our desires are flawed and causes us to fall into a rut. So women should behave in a way that benefits them in the long run. They should be wise and realize that they should mate for love and not for some quick fix.

8) Women should not approach a guy she is crazy in love with, that she knows has serious problems and think that she can change him. Most people do not willing change, just because their love ones see how problematic they are. If a man is abusive, do not expect things to get better. There are many characteristics that women should look out for to determine if a man is abusive.

Women date men looking often for someone to be happy with and to perhaps share their lives with. They might just want to feel loved or fall in love with the right guy to raise a family with. Whatever the reason, we as women should always behave in a way that demands respect and our demeanor should speak confidence.

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    • dbroomfi profile image

      Dominique Broomfield 4 years ago from Texas,USA

      You are right, that is why those of us who are wise and strong enough to be an example to our peers should do so. The young girls growing up in our society need examples of real ladies who will be beautiful inside as well as on the outside.

    • profile image

      blah 4 years ago

      Some women my age (27) dress the part but they sure in the hell don't act like it

    • dbroomfi profile image

      Dominique Broomfield 4 years ago from Texas,USA

      Thanks savvydating, I have been taught a lot and I like to give any advice I can to other women who want a successful relationship. I hate when we actually want what is right but we end up with someone totally wrong!

    • savvydating profile image

      savvydating 4 years ago

      Good advice. Sounds like you're saying that women have to be a class act in order to attract worthwhile men. She also has to judge a man's character by his actions. After all, talk is cheap.

      I appreciate that you are teaching women to have self-respect.

    • dbroomfi profile image

      Dominique Broomfield 5 years ago from Texas,USA

      Thanks for your comment,and I believe that you are right, it is hard to be happy if you do not want the same in life.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 5 years ago

      I think you make some very valid points in this blog. I voted it up and useful. (Especially for young women)

      I believe women like men who cross over into their mid 30s and beyond get to a point in life where they have decided to just be who they are and let the chips fall where they may. Ultimately everyone is looking for someone who (natually agrees) with them on the major things in life, wants the same things for the relationship and agrees on the strategy for getting them.

      Whether one is a man or a woman it is important to see yourself as the "buyer" when it comes to choosing a mate. You create your own shopping list and hopefully have the discipline to stick to it.

      As for divorce; The number one cause in my opinion has always been selecting (the wrong mate). The reason why second marriages often have higher divorce rates is because people see when something is not working (earlier) based upon past experience. (There is no amount of "communication" or "work" that can overcome being with someone who does not want what you want.) When two people realize they don't want the same thing what is the point in staying together? Arguments? Drama? A divorce is nothing more than admitting a (mistake) was made in mate selection. One man's opinion!