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Guys: How To Develop “Swagger” To Attract More Women pt.1 – Your Style and Image

Updated on June 8, 2009

The way you carry yourself, dress, talk, or even walk, can either attract a potential mate or repel her. In other words you need to have some swagger. So to avoid being rejected before you even say a word, you need to do the following:

1. Carefully look at your wardrobe and figure out what you need to change. What you wear says a lot about you. Which is why you should get rid of the clothes with holes in them, and outfits that are old and outdated. You should also take into consideration your choice of footwear. Most women prefer shoes or leather boots on a man over sneakers.

** To get a better sense of style, purchase a recent GQ (or even Playboy) magazine and look at the fashion sections. The clothes that the male models wear are always in style and rated high according to many women. If money’s an issue, go to a non-expensive clothing store and ask a woman who works in the store for her opinion on the best types of outfits to choose. Because after all who would know more about what a woman want- than an actual woman.

2. Shave…and pay attention to your smell. Ditch the “5’oclock shadow” and overbearing cologne. Personal hygiene is one of the most critical parts in attracting a mate. You want to look like you care about your image and how you smell. If a woman can smell you from a mile away…it’s not a good thing.

** A woman smell is much greater than that of a man. So if you choose to put on cologne, only spray a little bit on. Inside tip: The best thing to do is use unscented deodorants and soaps because us guys carry a natural pheromone which alone may potentially attract a woman.

So you see just making small changes in your style and image, can have a huge affect on how a woman judges you at first glance. So start attracting women today!


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    • loveguru23 profile image

      Daniel Amis 8 years ago from Queens, NY

      Thanks for the compliment and link to the other hub. Be sure to check out all three articles that I've written on how to develop your swagger.

      Daniel Amis, Professional Matchmaker/ Relationship Expert


    • metaphysician profile image

      metaphysician 8 years ago

      A good basic info for man to attract woman. I have stumbled another hub written by a member of the hub community at