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How do you miss someone you’ve never met?

Updated on May 17, 2011

I’ve never even met you, but I have a clear picture of you in my mind! Actually the picture is so clear that it feels as if I know you. The only question now is where are you?

Firstly I miss you because every time I close my eyes I can see you clearly.
Secondly I miss you because there is this huge gap in my heart where you are supposed to fit and you’re not there.
Granted I may have met you or may even know you currently, but you are not my wife yet.

At 39 years old I am most certainly supposed to be married, right? All my friends are married and actually some (if not most of them), are in their second marriages. How is it then that I’m not married yet? I thought of this many a night and every time I came to a different conclusion. The most common conclusions are:
That I’ve just not met the one
That I’ve just not been ready up to now
The one that is meant for me is married to someone else by mistake (this used to be my favorite)

But what I have realized now after a lot of prayer and soul searching is that God has pre-destined you and me to be together and I just need to be patient. Actually God has spoken to me through His Word and during prayer and told me this much, that up to now He has been preparing me to be the best husband I can be. Also it was God that gave me this picture of you that I have in my mind. So yes, it probably means that you were married before or that you have, like me, never been married. Whatever the case may be I wanted to say something to you:

Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances, it doesn’t matter. You probably will have serious baggage, but who doesn’t? I promise you this, I will love you forever! I will do everything humanly possible to be the best husband I can possibly be, and if you have children from a previous marriage, I will love them like my own.

I promise you that every morning when I wake up next to you I will think of all the ways that I can make you feel loved and special. And all I ask of you in return is to love me, and to offer the same courtesy to me.

Ok, I’m glad we could sort that out, so now all that remains is that you open your eyes and look out for me. I’ve been looking for you for years!


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    • profile image

      Sirene 2 years ago

      Did you find her yet?

    • DDelport profile image

      DDelport 6 years ago

      Dear Phil, thank you for your comment. My point of view is that I have nothing to lose, so I might as well believe.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      It is terrific that you have the faith that things will work out. It is too easy to lose faith, but it sounds like you are on the right track.