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Wedding Disasters by an X Disc Jockey!

Updated on July 7, 2016

Wedding disasters to avoid

Wedding Disasters to Avoid

Wedding Disasters to Avoid!

Advice: There are many things that can go wrong on your wedding day, but remember to remain calm and happy during the planning. Stress only brings on more stress, and the people you are working with will do much more for you, if you’re friendly and calm.

Setting the date: The first thing you want to do is set your date of the wedding by the availability of the church and restaurant for the reception. Also make sure those you are going to invite to be in your wedding will be in town on that date and can attend.

Wedding halls or restaurants: Sometimes restaurant and wedding halls hold two weddings at one time so check and see if the hall you want will be available.

Church’s Rules: Find out the church’s rules for photography and video cameras, some still ask that no photos are taken in church and ask that you take them afterwards. Most allow pictures, but do check with the church’s rules. The same goes for throwing rice or birdseed, some allow it, some don’t.

Purchasing the Wedding Gown: This is one of the most exciting days of your life besides the wedding itself, when you walk in to buy your wedding gown. Be sure to bring someone with you for advice, preferably a parent since they are unbiased and will keep you anchored when it comes to price, since the salesperson might try and persuade you to buy more than you planned. If you feel your gown is too elaborate choose a wedding reception dress to change into, but personally most brides and guests love wearing and looking at the wedding dress since it is only one day of your life. If you are going to leave the wedding before guests you could change into a formal dress at the end of reception before leaving.

Wedding Attendants: Remember all the dresses in your closet from weddings you went to and couldn’t wear again? There are so many formal dresses now in bridal shops that can be used for a fancy dinner out, or worn to other weddings, but nothing like the foofoo ruffled old bridesmaid dresses used to be. Try and remember that when choosing your bridesmaid dresses that after all the money they spend the dresses won’t sit in their closet never to be worn again.

Wedding Attendants: The order of walking down the aisle, is sometimes more important to the bridesmaids and the ushers than you might think. Does it really matter if their height is the same, or if they feel comfortable with their usher? It is best to give them the choice to walk with who they are comfortable with, than to force the tall to walk with the tall. Sometimes you have husband and wives in the party or boyfriend and girlfriend and they want to walk together.

Flowers: Expensive Florists shops are not always the best, sometimes your local florist will do more for you than the florist shops that advertise in phone books or are out of your area. Try to stay local when it comes to the flowers since most florists can order what you want. If you are wearing flowers in your hair make sure what the construction piece will be like under the flowers so it can attach to your hair band or clips.

Invitations: Sometimes the invitations take a long time to order, so make sure you order them at least three months before since it takes usually a month for people to R.S.V.P. Make a statement with the invitations, let them reflect you as a couple with the style you choose. Go over the order multiple times one misspelling can ruin the whole invitation and hurt soon to be in-laws or parents feelings. Always make sure the R.S.V. P.’s are stamped for returns in the mail.

Attendant Gifts: All your attendants are individuals and friends, try and choose something personal for each one rather than buying seven butterfly necklaces. It will be remembered for years the thoughtfulness of your personalized gift, rather than the gold butterflies that will be put in with the junk jewelry and never worn.

Attendant’s Behavior: Have you ever been to a wedding and find the attendants drunk before the wedding ever happens. BY ALL Means tell them beforehand to not drink before the ceremony. Some wind up passing out or making horrid scenes at the wedding ceremony, even passing out.

Wedding Dinner: Choose foods that will be liked by the majority, and if you know your guests might like an ethnic food by all means add it to the menu. Make sure there is food during cocktail hour, since guests traveling and waiting to eat may get sick with just cocktails being served. If possible ask to taste the entre chosen, to see if it is something you would want to serve to a group of people and make sure the quantity is sufficient. Some weddings run out of food and there is nothing as embarrassing than to turn people away.

Wedding Cake: Your cake should also make a statement about the bride and groom, and can coordinate with your wedding bouquet and colors chosen. You can choose layers both the groom and bride like if one favors a certain cake over another. Make sure there will be a stable table decorated and provided at the reception and away from traffic areas in the reception hall.

Children Attending: Most weddings do not include children for many reasons; the chaos that can develop could spoil the entire wedding day. It has been my experience to see children running around and throwing balloons while people are trying to dance on the dance floor. You can’t blame the children, and they would be best left at home with their favorite babysitter. Make sure you include that politely in your wedding invitation, most people will understand.

Entertainers: Being a wedding planner and a disc jockey at one time, I can’t stress this enough. Your entertainers will most likely be at the reception two hours before and an hour after packing up and setting up. Do provide meals for them at the beginning of the dinner, so they will be sure to be ready for the dancing to begin. Making them wait until the end of the serving will have them eating when the first served wants to dance. Give them a list of names spelled phonetically so there are no mistakes when the disc jockey announces the wedding party. Mention to them beforehand you would rather not have the drink more than the toast champagne. There is nothing worse than a drunk DJ or band.

Wedding Favors: There is an array of favors you can buy already made, and you can also make your own. If time allows have a favor making party with the bridesmaids, it can be a fun time, and personalize the favors it can be a good time. If not there are almost any favor found to show off you and the groom, and what you appreciate in life. People tend to save favors.

Photographers: Talk to friends, take referrals from them. When visiting the photographer make sure that you look at their albums and tell them which aspects of the wedding you want photographed. Feed them as well as the disc jockey and set a table one table for them to sit together at the reception. Do mention diplomatically that they should restrain from drinking as well, alcohol can fog someone’s brain when working with digital equipment. Be sure to get a complete price before signing the contract.

Limo and Hotel Reservations: If you have a lot of family coming from out of town provide them with rooms at a reasonable but clean hotel, and supply limos to drive them home if they have been drinking.

After reading this don’t panic, if you take one step at a time in a timely manner, your wedding day will be something to remember for all time.

Copyright/All Rights Reserved B. A. Williams


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    • B. A. Williams profile imageAUTHOR

      B. A. Williams 

      7 years ago from USA

      Great Idea glad you added that to this article. Especially good for people coming from out of town.


    • Corin profile image


      7 years ago

      A really useful hub. One thing that you can also do if children are attending the wedding is to employ a babysitter who will look after all the children by entertaining them: that's what we've done for my sister's wedding, for we had a lot of family coming from out of town.


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