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Huma Abedin is the new Icon in America and people are interested in her

Updated on December 22, 2017

Huma Abedin

Huma Abedin is a name that is well known. She was the close confidant of Hillary Clinton. 2016 was not a happy year for her. First, Hillary lost the election and second her husband Anthony Weiner spoilt his copybook with an atrocious act. This forced Huma to announce a divorce. Huma is only 40 and still young, vibrant and attractive.The fact that she is a Muslim adds to her uniqueness.

Huma is a born American and a Muslim. This is important as Trump and party are whipping up a hysteria against Muslims. His Muslim ban is an example of this hysteria where 6 nations nationals( Mostly Muslim) are banned from entering the USA. Huma who worked with Hillary and continues to be by her side is a perfect example that all Muslims cannot be clubbed together as fomenters of terror.

A Brighter 2017 for Huma

2017 is bright

2017 has dawned on Huma with a smile. Things are looking up for her.Hillary has confirmed her appointment as part of her staff again. The good news is that Hilary is coming back into the open. Who knows she may make a bid for the 2020 nomination. Trump seems to have shot himself in the foot by his antics. She has left the bad days with Anthony Weiner behind her. This man was a real drag in her life. Considering that he was over 50 his behaviors is just not condonable.

If Hillary rises like the Phoenix, Huma will be by her side. This shows the confidence Hillary has in Huma.

Huma lives her life

People had seen her having an outing to Disneyland with Tony Goldwyn. People should not read much into this, as he's happily married for decades. But yeah, a human being wants to make the most of life. Huma is no exception. She was in California recently and there also she moved about freely and it is clear she is coming to terms with her new life.

Not the Archetype Mulsim

Huma's parents are staunch Muslims. Her father is no more and mother resides in Saudi Arabia.Thankfully, Huma is not a diehard Muslim and she does not don the hijab. It's refreshing to see her in skirts and short dresses, that show her to good advantage. Last month Huma also wore dresses inspired by Prabal Gurung. Abedin has also been seen wearing graphic pieces from Alexander McQueen, Asos and Oscar de la Renta . in all the dresses which Huma wore she simply looked exotic. She is certainly not the archetype Muslim.

Hillary and Huma

She is particularly close to Hillary Clinton, who once stated that she has one daughter and in case she was to have another daughter she would chòose Huma Abedin. Many people are blaming Huma for the loss of Hillary Clinton. The fact is Hillary still trusts her a lot. Despite being a Muslim, Huma is very much part of the Americans scenario. One can't write her off. On the personal front, it would not be long before she makes a choice among the many eligible bachelors going around

Last Word

Huma is an excellent antidote to Trump's Muslim ban. The ban has made some presumptions and Huma is the face that dispels all such notions.One can safely say the American public will hear much more about her in the years to come.The arrival of Trump is not good for Huma as she is sidelined and now she is rarely in the news except about her impending divorce.


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