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Human Emotion - Ecstasy and Misery

Updated on September 28, 2014

Human Emotion- Ecstasy and Misery

By Tony DeLorger © 2010

Human emotion is a unique trait that separates us from most life forms on earth. It is both revelation and the source of indeterminable misery. One can learn to temper the emotions, create walls of resistance and protect our vulnerability. But in doing so we cut ourselves off from the ecstasy of all those emotions that can transform our lives. The joy and blissful abandon of love, compassion, kindness and charity cannot be replaced in human experience. They are a part of our journey, our evolutionary legacy.

But how do we grow from child to adult, knowing how to have control of these emotions. They can be so powerful that we can leave all common sense behind and abandon all that we have learned to immerse ourselves in their experience. And what’s worse, they are as addictive as heroin. We fall in love and find ourselves unable to function daily, our minds so overwhelmed and driven to be with that person that we can think of nothing else.

Surely this can’t be a good thing, abandoning all hold on practicality, but this is what we do. We’ll do anything for another fix; anything for that blissful freedom where nothing else exists except the experience. And in the end, that’s what all human beings want, to be loved and to love.

Of course there is the other side, when love goes wrong. Just as we are transported to heaven when love is in our hearts, we are driven to hell when it all falls apart. As love fills the heart, when it is torn away, there is a hole the size of the Mohave Desert. The emotion is cataclysmic and unprecedented misery prevails, creating a reticence to be engaged with life on just about every level. The pain is unimaginable and the longing and missing intimacy leaving us a mere shell of what we were.

As we grow older and having experienced these ups and downs of life, we tend to become more cynical and developed certain protection mechanisms for self-preservation if nothing else. The danger is of course to cut oneself off to the possibility of finding love again, to feeling compassion and indeed connecting with people in general. We can become hardened, and what’s worse introspective and withdrawn.

But life has a way of opening the doors that we shut. Surprisingly, what you think is gone in your life could be just around the corner. We are like flowers. Perhaps our petals have been clenched tightly closed for a long time, unwilling to open and be vulnerable under a harsh sun. But when that sun, in all its brilliance stands before you, those petals just open once again as if they were never closed.

You see love and indeed all our emotions are a gift and part of our earthly journey. Even if we want to, we cannot deny them. Instead we can only immerse ourselves in them all, relishing the good and the bad. How we deal with them all defines us and makes life worth living.


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