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Human Pheromones Spray to Attract A Mate

Updated on November 13, 2014

Pheromones Attract Women

Human Pheromones Attract

Human pheromones to attract a mate is quite a popular amplification feature that men and women use when they go out in public to successfully attract the opposite sex, or whomever the desire. There are many different types of human pheromones to attract others in a more enhanced and unique way.

The use of pheromones on the body and pulse points indicate the arousal of others around when they are in close proximity to you.

Although human pheromone sprays can be scented or unscented, you can rest assured that the best pheromones available will do the job right each and every time, to attract the right mate for you.

Some of the different contents that human pheromones have are Androstenol, Androstenone, Androstedeinone and Copulins.

Copulin is found more in women and is known to attract men. An example of this is during a woman menstrual cycle. Men are more attracted to women during these times and you will notice an increase in attention, flirtation, etc.

That is why they have introduced Copulins in pheromone perfume, while Androstenol, Androstenone and Androstadienone can be noticed the contents of male human pheromone sprays and oils.

An example of a popular male pheromone that is out in the market today is Primal Instinct Pheromone. It is a very popular human pheromone that is oil based scent and it comes in either scented or unscented versions. Its effectiveness is renowned everywhere.

Always being ready to attract the right person is optimal when out in public and facing the world. Great hygiene and also maintaining a good look also play an important role when successfully attracting a mate to you.

I have grown to appreciate the amplification effects that occur when the use of human pheromones are are present on the body. I have even noticed that many people are using this strategic technique to attract others closer to them. Pheromone sprays are really good icebreakers, especially when going out to a first date. Because it really lets your date know that you can be trusted while safely maintaining your comfort level as well.

You will definitely notice an increase in attention and flirtation when you are out in public. Quite a nice experience, none the less.If you are ready to make an impression on the opposite sex with the alluring aroma that resonates from your body, then the use of human pheromones will assist you with your endeavors, to do so successfully. Learn more about Max Attraction Gold Pheromones.

Effects of a Human Pheromone Spray:

1. It increases your chances to effectively attract the opposite sex in the most alluring of ways.

2. It boasts confidence and gives you the cutting edge against the rest of the competition. This goes for both men and women, since there are scented and unscented versions of human pheromone colognes and perfumes.

3. You will automatically see an increase in attention, eye contact and sex appeal from the opposite sex that you have never noticed before.

4. A human pheromone spray works as one of the best icebreakers in a first date or any type of social settings that involves dialogue and the effective mingling of others. That's why people trust it the way that they do.

5. An increase in sensual and sexual behavior around those around you, will become more evident so that it can evolve into something of greater intimacy and satisfaction.

6. My experience with wearing human pheromones has been quite an experience, to say the least. Out of all that I have mentioned above, I would have to say that the intimacy between two people when wearing such a human pheromone spray, takes things to a whole new and evolved level. It brings both satisfaction and appeal to those that are involved. A true and hidden treasure!

Pheromones to Attract a Mate or Girlfreind

Believe it or not, men have been using human pheromone sprays to attract a girlfriend. This will allow her to want you more as she takes a whiff of that wondrous scent that is both inexplicable and alluring. She will feel a strong connection to you that is almost beyond this world.

Having this kind of feeling really makes a man happy and satisfied in life. Knowing that you can attract a person at will with the use of pheromones, is an ability that some men don’t even possess. Time and time again the laws of attraction fail most men, and to know that there is a way to break that barrier with pheromones, is a skill all of its own.

Human Pheromones are sensual stimulants that are inhaled through the nostrils and are usually detected by the brain instead of the nose. Allowing this alluring scent to enter the senses, allows us to appreciate the capacity that pheromones can truly possess. This is a unique ability that men love to possess in order to attract the right kind of female their way.

As we evolve in our lives as men, we determine ways to better ourselves and our love life. Pheromones allow this reality to happen in ways that benefit our relationship and marriage. The alluring and captivating scent that you will possess, will in turn, draw more attention and women to you in the best and unimaginable ways.

Can you imagine the time when you were attempting to reach out to a woman and failed miserably in this endeavor? Remember that proper hygiene is important, but to allow yourself to enhance your persona with pheromones, can bring you out into a new light and perception, of properly attracting a girlfriend that you want to have in your life.

If you really want to attract a girlfreind than I would recommend Primal Instinct pheromone or Nexus pheromones. Primal Instinct is oil based while Nexus Pheromones is in a spray bottle. They are both small and can be used where ever you go. I would recommend using them in the pulse points while using them sparingly. The potency can be quite strong if you overwear it.

Pheromones Attract to Produce The Love Effect

Pheromones that attract are a unique way to get closer to the ones that we love, but what if your relationship is in danger of divorce or breaking up? Pheromones are a great way to fix a relationship or save a marriage most effectively.

It will allow your spouse or partner to realize "the real you" in the fullest effect of passion and desire. Love pheromones will amplify your intimate encounters at levels you would not have thought existed.

The use of human pheromone fragrances have grown quite popular these days,  They have also been known to repair relationships from boredom.

As time goes by in a relationship or marriage, you may notice a significant decrease in the amount of attention and affection that your spouse or partner generally displays to you. Why not re-spark that romance with love pheromones and create a whole new world full of satisfaction and prosperity.

Longevity is key in maintaining a lasting relationship or marriage. Secure it gracefully with love pheromones that can easily amplify your intimate encounters and bring a satisfaction to you both each and every time, as pheromones attract.

Are you really experiencing the best intimate encounters that your relationship or marriage has to offer you?

Have you imagined the possibilities of a single scent that can trigger an emotional explosion of passion and provides the perfect level of intimacy between two lovers? The you know that the essence of love pheromones and all that it has to truly offer you.

Don't let your love slip away into the wind without giving it a fighting chance. Understanding that pheromones will drive your partner more closer to you in ways that you didn't even know possible.

This will benefit your relationship or marriage in the long run. Life is beautiful. Amplify the sensual and intriguing effects of life with a pheromone perfume that will draw you both closer and experience a world of total bliss and satisfaction.

Max Attraction Pheromones

The use of pheromones have been used in the dating scene to attract others with it's ever popular scent of attraction. Max Attraction Goldpheromones is one of the many brands out there that really has impressed so many people. With just one spray, men or women are able to attract others discreetly. Some just use a spray and others mix it together with their favorite designer fragrance. But the question is does it really work?

Does it make a lasting impression that can be directly seen by a by member of the opposite sex, close to an individual wearing this on the skin or clothes? I decided to try this out for myself so that I can give a better perspective on my experience to share it with you guys. I have used the male version on my skin and let me tell you that one spray was enough for me. Some people may use 2 but my senses could only withstand one spray. It is a nicely scented pheromone cologne that works very well with one spray alone because of its potency. The bottle is not that big but that's ok because you don't need to apply so much anyway. I have decided to take a girl out to eat wearing this to see if it indeed produce intriguing results that only I could determine from our date. In our date I often noticed increase smiles, more conversation and a steady eye contact which I observed to be most fascinating.

I also noticed increased hand contact as our hands were on the table. It's always good to show some kind of affection even on the dinner table as our eyes lock on each other. Of course, I always like to look my best in any situation, so make sure you look your best when it comes to your own hygiene. That is always important for me. Later the intensity that we has together when we went back to the hotel was quite intense. Let me clarify this further. With the scent on my skin I noticed an increase desire to become more intimate with a type of aggression that is most impressionable upon my lady friend. AN increase of scratching on the back and a ripping of clothes off were evident in my experience with this. An inclination to get more in our skins was also more visible when this scent aroma of attraction is applied on the chest when making love. With 17.8 mg's of pheromone content, you can see why the potency level is quite high here to produce the effective results needed to lock in any type of intimate situation with a woman. I usually never leave the house without it. You never know who you will meet out there.

How Often Can I Use it?

I only use this when I know I want to get intimate with a woman. There are versions for men and women to wear as well. I usually use my application in the weekends or in the evenings. Just one spray does the trick although, I have been known to use 2 sprays on occasion. Although two sprays maybe overwhelming depending on how sensitive your senses are to it. Unlike others pheromone cologne, it does not make you feel more aggressive and irritable. Applying other pheromone brands may make you very agitated due to the fact that you are putting male pheromones on your skin. Max attraction gold handles very well in this department because of its sensitivity to the wearer. That's why I like it as one of the best pheromone colognes I have ever used. Last time I wore it, I had great results with it. The women's version is Max attraction silk and my girlfriend wears it along with her favorite perfume on occasion. Our intimacy has never been better because of this. All I can say is that every time we used this together are nights have been most memorable!

What to Expect When Wearing Pheromones

What can you really expect when wearing pheromones on your skin or clothes? Many have often wondered this. Does it work from far away or does it work when you are close to another person? Out of my experiences with wearing pheromones, I have had the most success when being close to another woman. To me, it is most effective in those occasion? Why, because the potency of the scent and the pheromones are most evident. I often notice an increase in sexual frustration and a strong inclination to actually have intimacy with each other.

So, in other words in benefits me and my partner when engaging is intimacy. Often times I spray one or two times at nighttime right before I go to bed and as I initiate the attraction process, the levels of attraction from my woman increases as well as her urge to actually rip my clothes off. The feeling is mutual and intense in our sexual behavior toward one another. It seems like when you wear pheromones, the sexual energy levels rise up in ways that are heightened. And that's the way I like to experience intimacy with a person that I want to be with.

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    • profile image

      Kent Wynn 

      7 years ago

      Studies have indicated that pheromone cologne does work to attract others. A group study was done that let half of the people in the study use pheromone cologne while the other half used an ordinary spray. None of the people in the group knew if they were wearing the pheromone cologne or not. Those who were wearing the pheromone cologne were much more likely to attract others than those who work the ordinary spray by 3 to 1. It was clear, from this study, done by the University of West Virginia on college students, that the pheromone cologne was more than just a nice scent.


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