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Human Sex Pheromones-Which One Works

Updated on July 30, 2012

Product Reviews-Tried & Tested-Results

Human Sex Pheromones-Which One Works

Product Reviews-Tried & Tested-Results

Men, I know why you are here on this page, I really do, & first off I must mention that most of us guys (if not all of us) like to buy & wear an expensive cologne or perfume, obviously, for various reasons & one idea in particular is not just to smell good but to attract a mate so within this article I am going to share with you two resources for you to do just that.

There are a few ways in which to attract a lady into your life for just a date, or for other purposes that only you know about, & one attractant for magnetization being your physical appearance, your persona & your very presence.

Whereas, another factor is hidden deeply, within the mind, & these buried limbic physiological attractants really do magnetize women, creating a certain presence which automatically portrays from inside the human animal of the sender, thus radiating this sexiness outwards from your persona/energy, towards the receiver, but in my ongoing research to find out what are the main key properties which attracts women to men I also became fascinated with the idea of ‘manufactured sex pheromones’ as a tool for attraction, natural human chemicals, uses solely as a standalone product, or incorporated into a manufactured oil/perfume base being sold via the internet which seem to work ever so covertly, under cover, on a secret physiological notion, that natural human hormones, are proposed to draw a female towards a male like a moth to a porch light on a fine summers evening whilst your sitting there chewing on your clay pipe, just for animalistic carnage purposes of course.

With so many products on the market today, & even the amazing sex drawing claims about the ability of these amazing products & their competitors, from the manufacturers of these various colognes & perfumes wouldn’t it be nice for you to learn the true heads up from a real life tester & researcher of such pheromone products, whereas I provide unto you my unbiased results, through rigorous ongoing usage out in the real world, plus, on the internet, where & how you can find these pheromones at the very best, affordable right price for you.

Welcome to my research, here you will find out what you need to know about human sex pheromones, how do they work for me &, the results are actually quite amazing, & how they work for others from my research users shared, before you make up your own mind whether or not to spend your own money.

Human Pheromones-Products-Which one should I use?

I must confess that one particular pheromone cologne did stand out from the crowd, this one really caught my eye & I had to enquire although, there are just a few more pheromone products on the market I would like to try (unfortunately, a little over priced compared to the one I will share with you in my opinion today) but, as for amazing claims from other users who purchased what I am about to reveal to you, plus my own results & especially the price for this human sex pheromone cologne, I have been experimenting with ‘Human Euphoria-Pheromone Cologne.’

‘Human Euphoria-Pheromone Cologne.’ This is what the manufacturers claim!

“Human Euphoria is a cologne for men that contains a combination of real human pheromones mixed with essential oils designed to attract the opposite sex!”

I found the right priced, on the internet, placed my order, waited a few days, & within a short period of time, my package arrived through my letterbox in a plain envelope. Nice handy sized bottle!

First impression: what does it smell like?

I sprayed a small amount onto the back of my hand & musky earthy notes (almost like…..sweaty-but also pleasant, coupled with fresh spices instantly permeated my nostrils, very pleasant indeed I thought to myself, well worth the money by this alone, could be used as a standalone perfume) & I couldn’t wait to try this out in the real world, around women, & especially, my own woman whom I have been dating for a while at the time.

My Results:

I wore it, obviously, I expected my purchase to works it's magic & she seemed all over me once I arrived, paying me interest & she was quite playful in my opinion so therefore, I took notice of these reactions, although, she is quite fun anyway, then I tried the spray when I recently travelled to another city about an hour away, in a car, with four total strangers (all women) & although, I was quieter than I normally am, two of these ladies in particular were playfully teasing me, questioning me on this & that, laughing, giggling so this I took note of too.

Now, for what ever reason, these are just my own experiences but before purchasing, I noted the feedback from other users of this product, finally, I arrived at the most largest forum, for human pheromone products & their capabilities & the results from purchasers & users of this product were quite amazing.

But, let me just stop you right there……..could there be more to the capabilities of purchasing & using manufacturer based human pheromones for attracting a partner?

Is it just the smell on an instinctive level, or is there something else, secret, undercover?

Whereas, I now reveal to you an amazing little e-book one of a kind, go there & click onto the book cover to read more but don't forget to come back & take a look at this article if you would like to learn more about attracting a mate using pheromones….

Download Your Handy Pheromone Guide-Create Attraction

“Secrets of Sex Pheromones-Do They Really Attract Sex!-Your practical step by step low priced e-book guide.”

So, is there a deep rooted secret to attracting the opposite sex for carnal purposes? You may be shocked to find out YES there is!

And, it all has to do with, how you, yes you, view yourself, truly, deeply, your confidence, & how you portray your very persona, outwards, this is what “Secrets of Sex Pheromones-Do They Really Attract Sex!-Your practical step by step guide.” is all about, revealing amazing insights on ingraining an attractive persona inbuilt, for life.

Leave a comment & let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading. Regards Dale Ovenstone


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    • btrbell profile image

      Randi Benlulu 5 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      very interesting! I have never tried this but I can see it's merits! Thank you!

    • red mermaid profile image

      red mermaid 5 years ago

      I too have had experience of this pheremone and agree it does smell somewhat sweaty. I think most men could achieve the same effect with a quick jog around the block and save themselves money in the process. Maybe even meet a few women on the way. ;-)