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Find Hot Women Online

Updated on October 13, 2009

If this guy can do it, you can too!

Women and on line dating go together like horses and carriages in today's modern world. Technology has brought the ladies an easy and viable means of screening potential candidates long before they show up on their doorstep in a shirt covered in blood and a pocket full of crack. It is true that the Internet is a place where predators lurk, however predators also lurk in the HR Department, at your local grocery store, and wait impatiently in line at the bank like the rest of us. From a woman's perspective, the Internet is as convenient a means as any to meet people, which means, guys, you're in with a shot here.

If you want to get yourself a hot woman, a fine woman using on line dating, the first thing you need to do is make yourself a fine looking man. Get a good picture taken. Don't put up some fuzzy ass mugshot from the 70's. Women are just as visual as men, and the Internet is a breeding ground for easy shallowness, so put some effort into really getting a picture that looks good.

Secondly, make sure you actually look like the picture. She WILL notice if you are ten years older, and 50 lbs fatter. In spite of the obvious stupidity of not having a picture that looks even remotely like you, men often do it anyway (women are guilty of this too, but this is an article for the guys, so they get the ball busting today.)

Perhaps the most important tip I can give you, is to not lose your social skills. Just because it is on line, doesn't mean she wants to see your penis in the first five minutes. I know you're terribly enamored of it, but sadly, you're the only one. If you wouldn't do it or say it to a woman in a public place, for the love of god, don't do it on line. It will only make you hated, and blocked.

Too many men seem to confuse Internet Porn with Internet Dating. If you want to jack off, go to a porn site, don't go to a dating site and try to pick up the first female sounding thing you see. Even the women looking for sexual meetings want to get some sense of the man you are, the ones that don't well... just check out the following warning.

FOLLOWING WARNING: If it seems too easy, it probably is. If she wants to hook up for no strings sex five minutes into knowing you, and after only being wooed by your TXT speak, then warning bells should be going off. This girl is either batshit crazy, ridden with STD's, or a group of guys waiting to kick your ass.

DON'T say stupid things on your profile like 'who meets anyone on a dating site', and 'everyone here is fake', or things to that effect. Most other people on the site are real. However, as in real life, most of them don't want you. Get over it. Making embittered comments and criticizing others simply for being there is a good way to ensure you never get laid.

It is also worth noting that no woman cares if you're horny. Every man is horny. Stating that you have a high sex drive and want to get laid will get you nowhere. This should be obvious, but from the amount of middle aged, paunchy men hitting on 20 something girls and telling them that they are horny, it's not.

Also, if you do happen to be 40 something, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT chase after 20 somethings, unless you are George Clooney, or prepared to be a sugar daddy for a long time to come.I know the girls in the porn do old bald guys, but guess what, they get paid, and guess what else, you know those 40 something plumpish women? THEY'RE you're ideal target. If you're not attracted to them, fine, just realise that younger women feel the same way you do about those women you're too good for, except their revulsion is magnified a hundredfold.

Unfortunately, the Internet will not get you into a hot chick's pants any faster. It may give you a wider selection of women to choose from, but most men squander that with illiterate messages, spamming campaigns on any female in a 50 mile radius, and generally acting like utter lunatics.

Use the big head guys. Imagine that this is real, because even though you are chatting to a person with text words instead of speech words, they are real, and they won't respond kindly to horny assholes


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    • Cactrot profile image

      Cactrot 7 years ago

      Hahaha, excellent picture & caption.

      I always tell people something similar to your warning... made that mistake once, ended up being someone who gave me food poisoning cooking breakfast. Luckily I was too sick to do anything else!

    • 1964human profile image

      1964human 8 years ago from Smallville Kansas

      LOL LOL HA HA HA HA So well done! can we spam this to every guy, on every dating site? It would be a public service to all! I enjoy so many of the things I read here on Hubpages, but I must say this has hit the top of my favorites list. Now if you'll excuse me I have more of your wonderful writing to read!


    • Essy84 profile image

      Essy84 8 years ago

      Great hub! It is actually easier to connect to people/possible lovers online.. Everyone tends to be more open than in real life.

      If only guys would learn what to share and what not, they would stand a better chance of "getting lucky" for sure ;)

      I'm surprised that there are so little comments here. I hope it still gets a lot of (male) readers.. They might be shamed into silence though :)

    • profile image

      kaitlyn 9 years ago

      it whould be nice if you could pick the man you whant

    • donnaleemason profile image

      donnaleemason 9 years ago from North Dakota, USA

      Love it. Would be nice if every male could read it prior to trying to chat up a woman online.