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How to Catch Your Husband Cheating - Need Proof?

Updated on January 28, 2012

catch your husband cheating easily

If you have a powerful suspicion deep down that your husband is cheating, and you want to know how to catch your husband cheating, then there is a chance you could be right! If you are right then you deserve answers to questions he may be withholding from you.

But of course you could also be wrong! Do you have proof? To truly catch your husband cheating you really can’t rely on your gut feeling alone. You need to be smart. You need proof. If you go in all confrontational and have no strong grounds to stand on, then even if you are right it wont do you much good.

How do know how to catch your husband cheating? He sure wont tell you himself. Can you read body language? Some people are good liars though, they deliberately avoid breaking eye contact, their clever not to talk too much, or to go into too much detail. They keep things as vague as possible while remaining plausible. So for such ones it is a bit more difficult, but definitely not impossible.

There’s much more to body language than meets the eye! If he’s aware of his body language, taking care not to fidget, or move his feet etc, why not observe him with one of your other senses? Try your ears for example

If you want to catch your husband cheating, listen carefully to the pitch of his voice. He wont be aware your doing this as it’s a less known trick used by private investigators. Let him concentrate on his usual deceitful composure while you listen to the pitch.

You will be aware of his normal every day voice, but take a closer note of the pitch. When he is engaging in an untruth the pitch will be slightly higher, listen carefully as it returns to normal when he speaks the truth again. It will almost be like wiring him to a lie detector, and will give you some satisfaction at least knowingwhenyour being lied to.

So your gathering your own info, your learning what is true and what is not. When you know he is lying, you might choose to delay confrontation and gather more info. So instead of retaliating the way you might feel you want to, knowing you badly want to catch your husband cheating, play him at his own game. Accept his lies but go into more detail he’ll have to think more and remember more, if you give him enough rope he may hang himself.

If you want him to inadvertently spill some more beans, his mobile phone really is the best way to go. Of course I’m sure he’ll take care to keep it out of your reach, but all you need is his number and you can find out so much.

Online author Sarah Paul is a dating and relationships author. She specialises in getting proof of infidelity. Her course How to catch a cheating spouse is an established, time-tested product and has been selling for a number of years.

I need proof my husband is cheating, catch your husband cheating now.

For an outlay of only $37. You would be forgiven if you were a bit sceptical as to what you might get, but actually you get 2 ebooks, and a bonus tracking software that retails at $99.

The main ebook has 126 pages of material and covers matters such as behavioural changes - covert surveillance - lie detection - finances - accidental slip-ups etc.

There is a cool gadget that’s easy to use even for the computer illiterate. It’s the “spy gadgets and surveillance made easy” bonus book, which basically means you can monitor everything he is doing on the computer. It teaches basic to advanced skills and includes phone monitoring, room audio and video surveillance, webcam, spy-cam. There’s also lot’s of tracking systems and chemical tests. If this lot won't catch your husband cheating what will?

On top of all that she gives you "Sherlock pro" a computer tracking software package - You will know every key stroked - Every website visited - All the screen caps. It get’s sent to your email address, and he has no way of finding out. It does lack some of the features that some of the more expensive applications have, but hey, it does what it says on the tin, that's pretty good for a free bonus.

Sarah offers a free consultation from one of her staff members if you have any questions or are unsure about anything. I think that shows a genuine commitment others sometimes lack. So in conclusion for the cost of a meal frustrated spouses can now get freedom from all the doubt and misery and despair. I think the course is a valuable first step to take if you really want to catch your husband cheating.

I need proof my husband is cheating. Catch your husband cheating today.

Why people cheat, what are the causes of cheating?


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      jaylow 6 years ago

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