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I Am Breaking Up with You

Updated on August 1, 2016


Good Day readers!

First let me tell you a story about a girl who is so deeply in love with her boyfriend. But as the time goes by, she noticed that the guy has changed. She can't tell why because as for her she has been a good girlfriend to him. Now he wanted to talk sincerely to his boyfriend but the guy keeps on refusing in discussing their problem. So the girl, everytime they have their usual date she has this irritable mood towards his boyfriend because she really had this feeling that something went wrong. Until then they always fight about small things, as to the guy he also easily gets irritated and sometimes he will just leave his girlfriend alone in their dating place. After that the girl decided to end talk to the guy to end their relationship.

Weigh Things First Before Deciding

So from that story, is breaking up with her partner is the immediate answer for their problem? YES? MAYBE? or NO?. So let me ask you, in your past relationship before you and your partner broke up, did you guys talk about your problems and weighing everything first before deciding? Girls, did you first ask yourself if you were really a good girlfriend to your boyfriend, are you not being over protective to him, or are you not choking him with the decisions you have made for him? Same questions with you guys. We must always remember that in love there are no shortcuts. To have a happy and fruitful relationship we must be ready to face all the trials that we may encounter in your relationship. There is no perfect relationship. Fights, misunderstanding is always there and that has nothing to do with your relationship if both you are willing to fight for your love with each other. Giving up easily in just a simple fight is not cool. You talk about your problem and don't hide a secret from each other. You know, being in a relationship even if you're still in the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship stage, you must both practice on how to be open to one another. That would help for you to become more comfortable with each other and for you also to feel that you are both trusting one another. Also RESPECT is a big part of being in a relationship. It doesn't mean that both of you were together you can do whatever you want to your partner even if your partner does not want what were your doing. Like in decision making, there is a tendency that the guy will decide for the girl or the girl will decide for the boy for example on the clothes she/he must wear when you will be having a date. Here's the you have your own body for you to decide on what you would wearing. Before the two of become a couple nobody decides for you or saying to you "you must wear this one" same as your partner. If you were doing this to your partner you were not giving him/her his/her freedom of choice. It is so not right. So if you both have trust, faith, understanding, respect and love with each other breaking up is least to be expected from both of you.Think first, give your own self a time to meditate, ask yourself about the possible lapses that you have in your relationship and how are you as a girlfriend or boyfriend. Because that's why many of girls or boys now were bitter about love because they cannot accept the fact that they've done the wrong decision.

Decision Making

Now if you as a partner have done your own part and it seems that both of you have decided to end your relationship well it is your choice. Just make sure that it is not a one sided decision. This painful decision may lead to depression especially if the only problem with your relationship is being open to one another. If you can still fix it then grab that feeling. Everyone deserves a happy ending but if in that relationship you feel like you were unrespected, always misunderstood and your partner is already unfaithful to you and you already ask yourself all the "WHYs" and you already talked with your partner about it and nothing's change. That's the time that you can say "I AM BREAKING UP WITH YOU". It is painful but accept it. Time heals, move on and someday you will find your partner that you will live with for the rest of your life.


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