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He Cheated On Me Because........

Updated on July 15, 2011

I Caught Him Cheating

Have you ever wondered, is my boyfriend cheating?This is one the most disturbing thoughts or statements ever to cross any woman's mind. It's right next to the statements; my boyfriend cheated on me with his ex, or the thought is my boyfriend a cheater, well these words are just down right dreadful. As I sit in silence and reflect on the latest stunts to transpire, I can't help but to create a hub on this particular topic; Mainly because, this is a very touchy but realistic issue. It happens to the best of us literally. Heartbreak, and infidelity are both devistating. I myself wouldn't wish heartbreak on my worst enemy. Reason being; is that it is so hard to bounce back from all the stress. Ladies I decided ,as of right now that I can most definitely relate to Fantasia, when she says "Im Doing Me" because, now Doing Me is my main focus. I'm not giving up on love but, I am definitely going to focus on getting what I want and pleasing me. I'm no relationship expert, so please don't misinterpret my message but, I do know B.S. when I see it. So if I can help someone who is being strung along, or prevent someone from experiencing heartbreak, I most definitely will. When your done reading this article you will most definitely be aware, and more importantly you will be more alert.

The Infamous Head Turn

He Cheated On Me Because.....

Ladies we are the most vulnerable, nurturing creatures every known to man, literally; and that's cool because, that is what makes us woman. However, just as this attracts us to men, it is also what distracts us from them and the era of their way. I make this statement boldly because, men counteract our emotions, pray on our vulnerability, and usually observe our routine; and from this they learn what we're about. If he is a good man, this is great, but if he's in playa mode, look out sweetie, he's gonna get you. Now I agree that all men aren't exactly the same. Remember they aren't exactly the same but the game sure is. Ladies we tend to listen to what they say, and hear what we want, instead of what is being clearly stated to u. For instance, have you heard them say to you before, "Bay you don't have to worry about Me and Soing So, there will never ever be another Me and Soing So". Ok, that statement maybe true but only to a certain extinct. Listen to him he didn't say I won't ever talk to her again, or I don't want her, he also never said that he wouldn't sleep with her, or she's out of my system. More importantly, he never said that he didn't love her. Ladies, stop hearing what you want to and start to see things just for what they are. The easiest way to be an easy target is to be naive in a situation similiar to this one. Sometimes Ladies it's not entirely his fault because you had signs and continued to ignore them. You must establish common ground and express what it is that you want. More importantly, you must make sure that your in a relationship with someone establishes, that above all else; he wants you. The worst love of all is the kind where your the only one loving. This is no fun. The worst thing in the world, is to find out that the guy that you adore is not even concerned about. Steve Harvey has authored a best selling book, and entitled it, Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man. Above all else ladies remember, you must keep your dignity no matter what, continue to act like a lady. I can definitely relate to Mr. Harvey on this topic because he his some things dead on the nail, you may want to invest, sit back and listen to me. You see I have had the best lessons in love, taught by some of the best B.S. artist known to man. I know by now you should have figured out what B.S. stands for, if not the first word rhymes with full, and the last rhymes with it, get my drift. If you think this is interesting keep reading I'm about to shed light on what I call the Ultimate B.S. Artist. Ok ladies another way to be careful is to be sure that your guy actually likes you. If your unsure about this, you should read another hub of mines it's entitled ,"10 ways to know if a guy likes you". You will definitely recognize this guy and if u don't, I hate to tell you but your time is coming.

What Is a B.S. Artist

 The B.S. Artist portraits himself  as Mr. Nice Guy in the beginning; If you don't pay attention before you look up you have found yourself already deeply involved. Here are some signs that are noticeable right off the back; In the beginning, he can't talk to you enough, but after a month or so, he starts to mysteriously loose his phone. This is so predictable and also the oldest lie in the book. Don't believe me, listen to Beyonce's, "If I were a Boy", she clearly states, "If I were a boy, I'd turn off my phone, tell everyone it's broken, so that  they would think i'm sleeping alone". If you think that's a sign here's another, he relay's messages that he so called heard from the ex., sort of like "Somebody said that they know your car". First off, here's your sign right here, how would you he know that if he's not speaking to her. Now you have answered two questions in one, not only are they talking but about u, and remember he lost his phone and the number changed since you and he were talking, so why is it that she has this new number. If you are thinking what I'm thinking then you know the answer ,he is in pursuit of her; meaning he gave her the number. The way I see it your ex is supposed to be just that before me. With that being said ;a wise woman gave it to me straight, when she stated, "If your past is steadily interfering with your present then, you have no future with me".  Another disturbing characteristic is his ability to butter you up, by asking or suggesting that you let your guard down, and possibly have him some kids, yeah right.  The B.S. artist will quickly change up on u the moment he decides that he wants to continue playing with his ex, he will forget about all of that an then straight up suggest that maybe you wanted a relationship more than he wanted. Now how full of it can he be especially when he openly pursued and iniated a relationship with you.  Ok, ladies this is code for he's full of it  an what it really means, is that I know you don't play so i'm going to chill out because now my ex is back in the picture and I don't want you all to cross paths.The icing on the cake is everytime you step back and stop calling he texts u, or calls and sucks you right back in. He is not to slept on because he will be so affectionate when he's around you, i'm talking about cuddling, kissing you, totally engaged in you, he knows create an illusion that he loves and wants you but, ladies be careful, this is only an illusion.    A, B.S. artist's signature is that they are full of games exclusively. They just love attention, an could care less if you all talk he just get's pleasure in creating a stir. This is evident because he may text u allday, and when u text back he will not respond, how crazy is that. An last but not least he is an excellent liar.    Ladies, when you recognize game the best thing for you to do is take Kanye's advice and run away as fast as you can.

How many times have u dated a B.S. Artist

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He Cheated On Me...And It Hurts So Bad

 These are some of the words we as ladies habor. Unfortunately, this happens to the best of us. There's nothing like that feeling, that you get in the pit of your stomach with even the thought of him checking for somebody else. Not to mention the way your heart drops, when u actually get wind of a bad situation, or you find out that he is be deceitful to you. I've heard people speak on the agony of defeat;  what about the agony of deceit.  The worst kind of deceit is the kind where he doesn;t even acknowledge that he is wrong. Instead he get mad because he has gotten caught. Ladies  rule number one, a man who doesn't accept responsibility for his actions, or has a conscious is not a man at all. Be glad that you found out about his indescretions when you did so that you won't be stuck in a relationship with someone who care's nothing about you.. Now most of you by now are probably wondering if I really know what I'm taking about, or if this is all made up? By now if you have read thus far you have can relate that exactly why your so intune with this article.  I'm grateful for B.S. artist though because now, I know what I don't want, and more importantly they help me to recognize and appreciate a good man when I see one.  Let's face it breaks ups and bad relationships have been the muse of some of the greatest songs ever created by artist.  I mean Ne-yo wrote So Sick, after a bad break-up, he couldn't stand to turn the radio on, because every station seemed to be playing a love song.  Not to mention Jasmine Sullivan wrote I'm in Love with Another Man, and Lions, Tigers, and Bears, after being on again and off again with a B.S. artist. Keyshia Cole's, Should've Let U Go, Sent from Heaven, Let It Go, I Should've Cheated, I Remember, were all focused on heartful relationships.  Who can forget Lauryn Hill's speech by prayer to both God, and the special man in her life entitled" Tell Him". A cheating ex was the muse behind, When it Hurts So Bad, as well as, The Ex-Factor.  I swear I laughed when I heard Marcia Ambrosius sing the lyrics," I hope she cheats on you with a basketball player", there is nothing like a woman scorned. I fell in love with the rapper Wale' the very first time I heard the song "Diary". In the lyrics of this song Wale' speaks about women being hurt so many times an being scared to take that chance for fear of the same thing happening again.  I am such as fan of  Eric Bennet, now that I heard him  belt out Sometimes I Cry, I wonder is Halle Berry the muse behind this one. Of course, u guys know by now that there's nothing you can do to counteract a cheater except for removing yourself from the situation. Just wanted to let u know that your not alone. Remember, that which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Now What?

 So he cheated with the ex;  and now your left in dismay, with a broken heart, and ego. Don't allow this particular endeavor to interfere with your life. I speak from experience when I say, instead of allowing this experience to get you down, use it as inspiration to accomplish your goals and dreams.  I know all too well from experience how hard this could be;  this accomplishment is easier said than done. Here are a few tips that can help you overcome the heartbreak, and regain control of your emotions.  First, you should find somethings to do that keep you busy.  Like, joining the gym, working out, trying a new exercise and diet program because, when you look good you feel good. Now that you and your ex have departed, you should focus on looking and feeling your best. After all, If you just so happen to run into him, you want him to be aware that he is definitely missing out on a good thing.  Secondly, you should focus on bettering yourself in general, try shopping and creating a new look for yourself. This is including but not limited to wardrobe and hairstyle. After all who could forget the Chris Brown/ Rhianna break up, and Rhianna's big transformation after this transpired. She went from being beautiful an innocent with black hair, to the fiery red hed singing boldly about domestic violence on Eminem's, I Love the Way You Lie.  Third tip, reintroduce yourself to the social scene. You should call up a few of the girls, and reintroduce yourself to socializing. Whether it be on the club scene, or just hanging out at the mall. Whatever, you do don't isolate yourself from the outside world, it is when we are alone and hurt that we tend to experience those significant lows that can possibly lead to an unfortunate mishap. Who can forget  Fantasia's heartbreaking suicide attempt. I hate to reflect on it but I just had to mention her, because I think she's phenomenal, an as I've previously stated, heartbreak happens to the best of us. Fourth tip, take a step back from it all an focus on some Pamper Me Time.  This is including but not limited too, taking a day at the spa for relaxation, get a massage, a manicure, pedicure. Again, I state I'm not a relationship expert but, I am no stranger to heartbreak ; with that being said, I know how to counteract pain and bounceback. Remember ladies to, love like you've never been heart before, live today like there's no tomorrow, and work like you don't need to get paid, and you will most definitely prosper.

A few inspirational song's to listen after experiencing heartbreak.....


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    • shaekelly profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Alabama

      Thank you. I'm glad u enjoyed it.

    • bcatgray profile image


      8 years ago from United States of America

      Very good hub. I do wish that no one has to experience this situation, but all too often it happens. You've written a great article that can be a great help to someone that is going through this.

    • shaekelly profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Alabama

      Your welcome , thanks for reading

    • kirutaye profile image


      8 years ago from London, UK

      Interesting hub about infidelity in men. Infidelity when it happens is very painful and something that neither man or woman can deal without emotions.

      Thanks for sharing.


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