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I Dare To Be Different

Updated on December 23, 2011

Where I live here in Cumbria its very well known for being anti everything and extremely racist, it was even voted the worst county in Britain. Thankfully we are slowly managing to change that and the attitudes are a lot more positive now than the past 10 years, when it was extremely dangerous to be LGBT here.

What I did not understand at the time was why homophobic people believed that gay people would find them attractive? When in fact most are extremely unattractive to gay people and their attitudes alone make them unattractive to heterosexuals too.

When you are in the company of a homophobic person you suddenly change in their eyes from being a human to being the subject of ridicule and religious bigotry and also the main focus of physical and verbal assaults and if anyone dare help they risk attack too.

I dare to be different and am gay, I do not hide what I am but I do not boast and brag either as that can stir up tensions too, which is something that certain so called religious sects should learn about boasting, bragging, quoting passages from a book that are twisted to your own agenda, spreading fear and hatred in the name of god. You know who you are so names need to be mentioned, you judge people and are under some delusion that you are righteous. Can I ask after you have finished getting angry and spreading hatred, calling names and quoting passages, what do you do next? Do you have a cigarette? Make a coffee? Read a magazine? Write a new bible? Find some else to attack? What do you do? I have always wondered because after all the tensions and hurt you have caused you go back and have a great day, yet some young person you attacked may go out and commit suicide, leaving his family devastated and wondering why their child did that? I think many of us here would like to see these so called religious people be made to explain to the family their reasons for bullying some one and causing suicide?

Now something else for the religious people to think about too, you say that homosexuality is an abomination etc then instead of blaming gay people why dont you blame straight people? because they keep having kids, so they should share the blame..

I have heard from so many people some very sad stories of how they have been treated by so called religious people, how they have lost friends, been forced too split from a happy relationship. I have heard stories of people being murdered in Uganda, I have heard of lesbian women in Uganda, Nigeria and other parts of Africa who have been systematically raped and murdered..But if you think that is bad, here is the worst part. Some of the churches in America fund the Ugandan churches etc to spread hatred and worse have these acts committed in their name. The worst part is that Uganda is trying to pass the death penalty for gay people in their country and it is funded by the church. Their blood is on your hands!!!

Moving on....

Don't be ashamed of who you are, dont fear it either as we have committed no crime and we do exist as much as people would wish us not too, we have a life to lead just like any one else and our own path in life to walk down.

Ignore homophobics, transphobics and any other bigoted person you happen to encounter as they are confused too and not a good influence to be around. Don't be told what to do by anyone, go your own way in this life as they will only want to control you.

But remember one thing - You are a human being not a label.

Do you think that Straight people should share the blame too?

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Are you fed up of all this religious hatred too?

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    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      Hi womanatthewell I am glad you enjoyed my article.

      I am sorry that you were judged appallingly by so called christians, they are not real christians when they say those things and judge you like that. A true christian should be acceptant of all people, faiths, gender etc. That is just my opinion but am so happy you enjoyed reading and hope to see you again soon :)

    • profile image

      womanatthewell 6 years ago

      I really enjoyed this article. Especially when you asked if straight people should share in the blame, I never thought of it that way! I too have been the subject of judgement by members of the Christian church,this person basically said that I was hopeless. This is so devestating for a Christian person, being pointed out, and thrown away out of your church home and away from His people. again, very good hub,loved every bit of it

    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      I agree with you there Darien :)

    • DarienTedder profile image

      DarienTedder 6 years ago from Atlanta

      You're very welcome! More people in this world needs to open their minds and hearts.

    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      @ Joy56 thank you so much and your right it does not make sense at all yet were stuck in the middle x :)

      @Darien thank you for commenting too I am glad to know that there are people out there who really do disagree with the unfair treatment that people get not just homosexuals, but the intolerance suffered by so many through religion, race, colour, creed and gender should be stopped. :)

    • DarienTedder profile image

      DarienTedder 6 years ago from Atlanta

      I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. I, like myself, love seeing people stand up for others who are often put down, whether it be because they're homosexual or for any other reason it may be.

    • Joy56 profile image

      Joy56 6 years ago

      So many wars are even fought in the name of religion, it does not make sense does it?????? I enjoy reading your work, your style of writing is wonderful.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Hi Calpol-Merry Christmas-may all your days be merry and gay.

      (had to add that, LOL)

      So, your poll is missing part three: No one is to blame; blame does not fit.

      I enjoyed your hub, as always. I appreciate the integrity of your situation. I cannot comment on anyone' elses behavior or experience, except for mine. I do not judge, because I see no reason to. I have had many gay friends in the past and currently. They are my friends-not my 'gay' friends.

      I'm sorry you have had such a difficult experience. I pray that my nephew does not meet with a similar experience...he is also gay and high school is rough for him.

    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      I agree 34th :)

    • profile image

      34th 6 years ago

      My best friend from high school is a Gay man. My best friend in the past 5 years is a Gay man.

      ALL women need a Gay male friend. They know EVERYTHING!!!

    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      Thanks Princess Pitt I love the penguin ones too :)

    • profile image

      Princess Pitt 6 years ago

      wow your intelligent...Actually, check the Iranian Law, its much worse.....and search in youtube too, "Gay Iranian Executed" in front of the people! I am concern about this because my brother is gay...but that doesn't change the fact that he is my loving baby brother.

      And I laugh bout rights for gay penguin. Hmmp!

      voted the buttons anyway..!

    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      Hi TWD thanks for reading hun will keep em coming promise...

    • profile image

      The Writers Dog 6 years ago

      Hi Cal! Thanks for yet another great Hub. Cumbria sounds a lot like parts of the Latrobe Valley. I also follow WHOF. Love the pics... keep them coming!

    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      I am glad you like them I got loads of them :)

    • xethonxq profile image

      xethonxq 6 years ago

      Love the hub! I laughed out loud when I read the message in the bubble, "If you don't like "gays" blame the "straights" - they're the ones who keep on having the "gay" babies!" I would LOVE to find that on a sticker somewhere so I could put it on my car. Too damn funny! That's a smack of it!!


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