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I Do...Do I?

Updated on July 17, 2016

It was a summer wedding, with the sun shining as bright as the bride's smile and the sky as clear blue as the bridesmaids dresses. Everywhere you looked you saw nothing but chaos. As I got ready, I thought about how weird it felt to be someone's bridesmaid! I mean, it felt like only yesterday we were playing hopscotch and teasing each other about how we could never find Mr.Perfect.


And yet there we were, one of us already tying the knot! It made me think of how fast life was passing by. As dawn progressed to dusk, fireworks lit up the night sky with each coming up and going down in the blink of an eye. The bride and groom took on the dance floor and were joined by all their friends and family. I could feel the blood rushing through my nerves as I jumped up and down, doing my crazy dance with my cousins and of course the bride! After a few great hours of dancing, there was of course the best part of any wedding.... THE FOOD! As a major foodie myself, I enjoyed the lavish spread of cultural cuisines and ate till I couldn't fit another piece.


It was a great day and a great wedding, but if there's one thing we all know about life, it's that every up has a down. Little did I know what bidding farewell meant until the moment the bride, my sister, pulled out her bouquet and got ready to throw it. As that bouquet took flight, she turned around with a smile on her face showing the world that she was ready to take on what the future held. I was beyond happy for her, yet tears gently rolled down my face as the thousands of memories of growing up rushed to my head. But those tears were wiped by the bond of sisterhood we shared and in knowing that no matter how much older she got or where she went in life, she will always be my big sis and always be by my side!


What are your favorite parts of weddings?

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