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I Don't Even Matter to Her

Updated on June 22, 2010

I'm unseen to her naked eyes
Even when I walked through Kennedy high
I was never the one she'd come up to
She always kept me feeling blue
Sometimes the vibe was very wrong
It felt so wrong cause she never wanted me all along
And now it's sad
And depressing
But I'm in dyer need
Of her blessing
No matter what
She's glued to my heart
Even when she tears right through it...

I really need to leave this fucked up place
Because I don't know how much my heart can take...
I'm slightly broken without her words
An still I'm hoping that she just heard
In person how I feel
Actually talk about it without fear

But it's like I'm a big scary monster
An she won't go near me
She'll just run faster
I don't know maybe I'm jealous
Because of what she does with the otha fellas

I try not to trip
But it hurts me
So bad I wana cry B

dot dot dot
Ima stop with the plot
You can never miss me
Cause you never did from the start...
It hit like a dart
NO Sympathy please
The pity won't ease
The pain that you give me...

[Rich, Venting To The No One]


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