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I Had Enough

Updated on May 1, 2015

how to to deal

woman who is dealing with an abusive and dominating man needs to be very careful with her relationship. firstly, she needs to make sure if the man is actually in love with her or into her or he is just using her. she should know that at what things or her what action can cause her man to get angry to deal with him. if you are sure that your love can change the man if not completely then at least upto some extent then you need to make him realize your importance in his life. a woman dealing with a dominating man should try not to do all the things he say or agree to wish all his desires because this will make him even more dominating and he will start taking you for granted. so, it becomes very important to not to let yourself get suppressed by him to control his dominating nature.your saying "NO" might hurt his ego and he might get furious and angry and ask for a breakup, you should not say sorry in any case give him breakup it will be very difficult but it is very important to make him realize your worth and his mistakes, demanding nature and the pain he caused you. if he realises his mistake and comes back to you only then he loves you truly.

if you are a type of woman who can't really handle breakup and are ready to face his domination and you are okay with him making you cry for no reason and at times making you feel bad about yourself then you simply just say sorry and do as he says . but trust me you are not doing justice to yourself and are loosing your self esteem for a person who is not worth you and do not respect you at all. i don't pity you.

and women who are beaten by their boyfriends need to breakup if they already gave their men a second chance.and you need to say that it's over and you had enough.!!

it will be better if you calm him down with your love and caring attitude. after arguing give him a warm hug to tell him that you still love him and will always be there with him or you can kiss him.


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