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I Have Fallen Out Of Love With The Man I Married, What Should I Do About This Frustrating Situation?

Updated on January 10, 2015
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EMUNAH LA-PAZ is an American author and film analysis for 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros, and Lionsgate.

I Have Fallen Out Of Love With The Man That I Married

An unhappy bride and groom.
An unhappy bride and groom. | Source


Is it possible to fall out of love with the man that you married? Through the years couples change, problems occur when couples grow apart during this transition.

This article is about the problems that can occur when a couple grows apart. Providing helpful tips on how to maintain a prosperous marriage.

What Should I Do?

It was not love at first sight when I met Polly, he was five years older than me. Polly helped me out of a bad situation in which I felt obligated to marry him. I will admit that I respected his knowledge at the time.My husband spoke with such authority.Now that I have matured in age, he’s starting to annoy me to the point of resentment.

I now realize that my husband is nothing but an arrogant individual who believes that he is the smartest person in the world. Everything I attempt to do or dream of doing is incorrect in his eyes.

I’m trying to find a purpose for my life outside of being married to my husband. My husband keeps belittling my dreams, his conceited behavior makes me want to punch his face in. I’m ashamed for feeling this way, but I can’t stand being married to this man.

I have fallen out of love with my husband, everything he does bugs me. I know he can tell that something is wrong, but I don’t know how to express my discomfort in a positive way. I think my attitude towards him is beginning to make him suspicious and in return, my husband is beginning to retaliate against me in a taunting manner.

What should I do?


The I May Have Married The Wrong Guy Poll.

Do You Believe That Your Marriage Is Made To Last?

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When Great Expectations Fail

Dear Vivian,

I am sorry to hear that you have reached a point in your marriage in which you would like to punch your husband’s face in.I do not condone your feelings towards your husband however… I completely understand your desires in wanting to do so.

Many married women are tempted by such harsh thoughts of aggression, due to the sad realization that our great expectations concerning marriage has failed us.

The movie, 'War of The Roses',showcases a marriage gone wrong overtime.

Every Marriage Has Its Thorn

Photo of the movie, "War of The Roses" A broken cup represents dysfunction in the marriage.
Photo of the movie, "War of The Roses" A broken cup represents dysfunction in the marriage. | Source

Hit Novel Turned Into A Movie

Hit Novel Turned Into A Movie
Hit Novel Turned Into A Movie | Source

This Movie Showcases What Happens In Some Relationships That End In Divorce

'The War Of The Roses'

The War Of The Roses', is the hit movie, based off the book written by Warren Adler, about a couple that used to be happily married for 18-years. (Kathleen Turner) plays the sultry yet vengeful Barbra Rose, and (Michael Douglas) plays the feisty ever so charismatic Mr. Rose.

The two choose to inflict misery on one another instead of agreeing to divorce, the Roses declare war against one another, and they are both willing to fight to death. The only thing that matters now is their mansion and earthly possessions.

The divorce lawyer played by (Danny DeVito) narrates the intriguing events which sparks the war of the Roses.

The 'War Of The Roses,' Deals With The Ugly Truth.

The intro written on the DVDcover reads, 'Once in a lifetime comes a motion picture that makes you feel like falling in love again. This is not that movie.

' The War Of The Roses,' Deals with the ugly truth behind marriage. It's comedic nature makes this film a classic for years to come.

Can A Marriage Blossom Into Hate?

The answer to the question is yes. Married Couples change through the course of time and in some cases they grow apart. A disconnect in reasoning can eventually blossom into hate caused by a lack willingness to understand one another through the vital fruit of compassion.

Some marriage counselors confirm that more women are taking charge financially. This growing force of freedom makes it easy for women to leave their unhappy circumstance, revealing that 65 to 68 percent of divorces are filed by women. Due to a deep desire to search for a sense of inner happiness the percentage of women who file for divorce could increase in the future.

Do You Know Why Your Marriage Could Be Falling Apart?

Wedding Bands
Wedding Bands | Source

Examine The Cause Behind Your Discomfort

If financial reasons prompted you to get married there is a problem that can emerge down the line. Research shows that women who marry for financial security eventually outgrow their circumstances in hopes of finding their own security, which causes a rift in the marriage. The man is aware that his financial stability has attracted his wife, her sudden independence can become a threat to the marriage, which may cause him to belittle any attempt that his spouse may desire in search of financial freedom.

Does Your Marriage Need A Break?

Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. Some couples may want to consider taking a break away from one another. Many couples who have been married for a long period may not enjoy looking at one another. Which Is a clear sign that therapy or individual alone time may be necessary. As shown in the Video Below.

A Marriage Should Last Forever, Even Through The Annoying Times

Is My Marriage Made To Last?

Black and white photo of a man with a wedding band halfway off of his finger.
Black and white photo of a man with a wedding band halfway off of his finger. | Source

How To Make Your Marriage Better.

Time heals all wounds. In regards to your relationship Vivian, you need to confront your husband, your concern could be that he is not taking your desire to become independent seriously. Your husband may not realize that he is hurting your feelings. Once you address the situation he may give you the room to fulfill your desires in life.

Relationship counselors suggest that you break the cycle to create a more exciting relationship. Nothing should stay the same.

Express to your spouse that you are in need of excitement and change. A relationship should grow together. If your husband is in favor of your expectations he is willing to grow with you and venture on into a long lasting relationship.

Experts say that money, communication, sex, infidelity, children, and household duties, is what couples argue about the most.

Expressing the desire to strengthen your relationship as a couple will keep your marriage together.

Emunah La-Paz

Strive To Grow Together.

This Is A Great Movie That Deals With Mending A Broken Marriage


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