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I Love You Cookie Ideas

Updated on March 9, 2014

Expressing Your Love

There are so many more ways to say, "I love you" than just saying the words. Of course, while that is always a wonderful way to express your feelings, sometimes it's neat to go above and beyond in showing you care. These thinking of you cookies are the perfect way to do that, and what's better than a delicious treat from someone you love?


Heart Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sure. We have all seen the decorated sugar cookies shaped like hearts, iced with red or pink frosting. But how many times have you seen chocolate chip cookies shaped as hearts? These are not only made from America's favorite type of homemade cookie and prominently displayed as the shape of your heart (theoretically speaking).

Is the chocolate chip cookie your favorite type of cookie?

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Inner-Heart Cookies

If you really want to give your significant other your heart, why not give it to them on a platter? These cookies take another twist on the heart cookie and look much more complicated than they really are! You'll just need to make two batches of cookies; one chocolate and the other sugar cookies. You'll use red food coloring to color the sugar cookie batch.

Roll out each batch of dough separately. Then roll the red into a cylinder-like shape and mold it into a small "V" shape. You'll be cutting these off like cheese, so check to see if your final product will look like a heart. If so, you're ready for the next step. You'll then wrap the chocolate cookie dough over the red dough into another (larger) cylinder. Refrigerate for at least an hour but preferably longer if you can. Then just slice your cookies off, one by one and bake away!


Homemade Fortune Cookies

Now if you really want to surprise them, this is your ticket! Making homemade fortune cookies is easy, and so much fun! You can make these personalized fortune cookies with your own little love notes inside.

Some ideas for your custom cookie messages include:

  • "Be my (pet name) forever and always!"
  • Recall a favorite memory and write that it makes you smile
  • Make each cookie contain one thing you love about them
  • Lyric lines from 'your song' together

How to Make Fortune Cookies


Pick Their Favorite!

You can make cookies all day long, but if you don't know what type of cookies are their favorite, then your work might be all for naught! There's no better way to show you care and that you know them best, than to bake them a batch of their favorite cookies!

Package them up nicely and they will be an absolute hit!

Would you give cookies as a gift?

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    • profile image

      mariewj 4 years ago

      I like the look of those inner heart cookies - very clever idea :)

    • Nicole S profile image

      Nicole S Hanson 4 years ago from Minnesota

      Very neat! I would (and have) totally give chocolate chip cookies as a gift. Everyone loves treats~

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      I love all the I love you cookie ideas. Lovely pictures!

    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 4 years ago

      How about a giant heart shaped cookie cake that says "I Love You" - that is one of my favorites.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      As soon as I saw the picture of the heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies I was sold on this hub. :)