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I Need a Divorce Attorney

Updated on September 26, 2009

I Need a Divorce Attorney

Do you think you need of a lawyer to properly represent you in a divorce case? Keep one thing in mind while you’re going through the contemplation process; it’s not always in your best interest to represent yourself. You could lose a lot of what you are entitled to if you do not have a divorce lawyer attorney at your side. Even though you think you it might be cheaper to represent yourself, you may give up a lot of rights that you would retain if a divorce attorney was hired. The fact of the matter is that if you choose to represent yourself, you could be hurting your chances of coming out on the right side of the case. So how does a person determine if that really need representation or not?

Take a look at the question below and if you answer “Yes” to any one of them; then a divorce attorney may want to be hired:

  1. Are there children involved? You may consider yourself a good parent but you could lose your children if proper representation isn’t considered. Divorce attorneys can help you keep the children in your custody.
  2. Does your spouse have an attorney? The ins and outs involved in divorce can be very complicated. If your spouse has an attorney and you don’t, there’s a better chance of you losing than winning. Remember, the court will not be sympathetic towards mistakes and errors. Even in regards to an uncontested divorce case, many people make the mistake of thinking one divorce attorney can represent you both. This is unethical and creates a conflict of interest.
  3. Do you have important assets worth protecting? It should be obvious to people seeking divorce, the more you have in jeopardy, the more value you stand to receive from hiring a lawyer to represent you. Through hiring an attorney, it will ensure that you pay only what’s required of you and that the property is distributed fairly.
  4. Is spousal support being claimed by your spouse? This is the one area where the most uncertainty lies in divorce law. Through hiring a divorce attorney it ensures that spousal support is distributed fairly.
  5. Is your spouse domineering? If this is the case, it would better for you to hire an attorney because more than likely he’ll continue to try and dominate you.

There are other things to consider like child abuse, domestic violence, employment issues and a host of other things that could have a bearing on the decision made in court; even more of reason to seek representation.

There are several different kinds of attorney's that handle divorce cases. There are divorce attorneys for men, divorce attorneys for women or you can hire a general family divorce attorney. The best divorce attorney will always be one that you feel comfortable with. Some of the best divorce attorneys in the world are not the ones that win the most cases or get the most for their clients, but are the ones that really truly have your best interest at heart. Make sure you meet with your attorney before hiring them to make sure that you will be comfortable with them.

Getting a divorce is a huge decision and all the little things that you must consider should be carefully planned with your attorney.


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