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I Never Thought of That: 15 Fun and Affordable Date Ideas

Updated on October 30, 2015

A dinner and a movie is always nice, but after a while it can seem like you’re in a dating rut. I have been with my husband for six years now, and over the years we’ve come up with some interesting ways to still have a good time. Here are a few fun and unique ideas you can try.

Tin Foil Boats

It's raining outside, and you have a date planned. Instead of sulking, grab a pair of rain boots and head outside. First, spend a few minutes making toy boats out of aluminum foil. Then the two of you can race your boats in the rain.

The Adventure that Never Happened

You and your significant other plan a date that never happened. Make sense? It's a game that involves the two of you planning an ideal adventure that you hope to take one day, and then you pretend it actually happened. Pose for pictures from this made-up adventure as well as collect fun souvenirs you could have gotten on this fantastical trip. Now here's the fun part- can you convince a mutual friend that you actually went on this crazy trip?

Tacky Date

This is the double date to end all double dates. It begins at a thrift store. The two girls head to the men's section while the two guys head to the women's section. The idea is to pick out the most embarrassing and most ridiculous outfit you can for your date: this must include shirt, pants, shoes, and an accessory of some kind. Once the outfits have been purchased, get dressed and allow a complete stranger to judge the most ridiculous outfit. Whoever created the most ridiculous outfit chooses where the dinner for the double date will take place. Here's the kicker: you have to wear the outfits out to dinner. My husband and our friends had so much fun doing this! It turned out to be one of the funnest double dates we ever went on. In the photo to the right, you can see us hanging out at an Applebees in our tacky outfits!


It's your traditional dinner date gone awry. Spend your entire dinner date speaking in your best foreign accent. Can you fool the server?

Nerf Gun

It doesn't matter how old you get- there is something fun about a nerf war. Whether it's just the two of you, or you get a large group of friends together, a good old-fashioned nerf war will surly brighten your day. You could even turn it into a fun game of capture the flag. Play inside or out, just remember to have fun.

Ghost Tour

Almost every small town has some sort of ghostly history. Do some research and see if there are any local ghost tours in your area. Even if there's not, maybe a walk through an old cemetery at night could be a fun and scary date!


So many people turn their noses up at the idea of going to a museum, but trust me when I say it's actually pretty amazing for a date setting. It's a quiet place to talk, and there are plenty of fascinating things to talk about. If you're wanting something more interactive, look into a museum targeted towards children- like a science museum!

I've never done that before

There is always that one place in your hometown that you have never been to. It's time to try it! Look at your towns website for local attractions that you might not even know exists. A lot of locals in my home town do not even know about our towns ghost tours or antique shops. There's a whole new world out there if you know where to look. Ask around and look on your towns websites for an insiders look.

Hanging out at the theater
Hanging out at the theater

Let's get Theatrical

Seeing movies can get old. Try spicing it up a bit with live theater, and go see a local show. You would be surprised at how fun and different theater can be. If you're up for, audition for a community show together. Being in a play together can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Batting Cages

Whether you are good at baseball or not, the batting cages always makes for a fun date atmosphere. It's affordable and there's not much of a time restraint; play for as long or for as little as you like.

Take a Hike

Seriously doesn't anyone do this anymore? Look for local trails and parks and go for a walk!


Another classic that I never see people doing anymore! Get a basket and a blanket and head to the park. What a great way to wind down after that walk you just took.

A Movie Anywhere

Grab a blanket, a projector screen, a dvd player, and some extension cords. There is something very romantic about watching your favorite romantic comedy under the stars. Go anywhere. A beach. A park. Your backyard. Have fun and enjoy the movie!


Try volunteering together. Try an animal shelter or retirement home. Wherever one of you have a passion, get involved together and make a difference in your community!

Photo Session

You can do this as a couple or in a group. Grab some cameras and get dressed up! Go to a local park or somewhere with a lovely scenery. You'll have some beautiful couples shots at the end of it! To the right is a picture taken during our photo session; we had so much fun with our friends taking pictures!

If you have some other unique date ideas leave them in the comments bellow!


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