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I WIll Be Back (Part 2)

Updated on August 11, 2017
Sam ZeFroy profile image

Hey guys hope you enjoy! :) Btw this chapter kinda ends on a cliff hanger. Sorry!


(11:30pm of the first day of the Grand Magic Games)

I thought about how Lucy saved the Fairy. But why? And how did Fairy Tail know who she was? I love Lucy, I know other people in the guild feel the same way. I hope she picks me though... "AAGHG!" I heard a scream from Lucy's room. I sprang out from my bed, and bolted to her room. Tears were streaming down her face, she looked scared? Lucy was never scared.

"Lucy, whats wrong?' I asked, "S-sting?" She replied. "Yeah, it is me." I said. "Sting, I am sorry, I just had a bad dream." She said. "Oh, ok," I said, getting ready to go back to my room. "Wait, Sting?" She asked. I turned to face her, "Yeah?" I replied. "Will you stay with me?" She asked bitting back tears. I had never seen Lucy like this. "Always." I said. She scooted over in her bed, and crawled in. She nestled her head into my chest, and I wrapped my arms around her. And we fell asleep.


"Hey Luce," Nastu said. I smiled, after all this time was he gonna talk to me? I he walked up to me, and slapped me across the face. "You are so weak! If I was master I would kick you out in a heartbeat!" He yelled, spitting all over me. I woke up screaming, tears poured down my face. Someone bolted into my room. "Lucy, whats wrong?" he asked. "S-sting?" I replied. "Yeah, it is me." He said, "Sting, I am sorry, I was just having a bad dream." I said. "Oh, ok," he said turning to leave. "Wait, Sting?" I called. "Yeah?" He said. I debated asking him this, but I did anyway. "Will you stay with me?" I asked dreading the answer. I had grown to have a crush on Sting. I wondered if he felt the same. "Always." He said. I smiled to myself, and scooted over. He slid in beside me, and I nestled my dead into his bare chest. Then he wrapped his strong arms around me, and we fell asleep.


I woke up at 7:00am this morning, next to Lucy. Today would be the perfect time to confess to her. We dont even have to start getting ready for the Grand Magic Games until 10:40am. Okay Sting, there is no backing out of this. I told myself. I shook her awake. "Morning Lucy!" I said. She sat up. "Morning Sting." She replied. Sting you can do this. "Hey Lucy? I need to tell you something." I said. "What is it Sting?" She asked. "Lucy Heartfilia, I love you." I said. She blushed, and looked down. "I love you too Sting." She replied. I let out a sigh of relief.

Our faces drew together, our noses were touching. I leaned in, and closed the space between our lips. Her lips were so soft. I flicked my tongue to her lips, asking for entrance, she allowed me in, our t tongues battled for dominance, I won. I gently pushed her onto the bed. The kiss deepend, until the door started to burn, and then it popped open. Lucy and I did not noticed it until, Natsu Dragneel came in. "Hey Lucy I nee-" He started then looked at us.

His eyes had an anger in them that I had never seen before. Lucy growled. "What do ya want Dragneel? Cant you see that I am busy?" She snapped. "What the hell is going on!" Natsu yelled. "What happened to family I thought you were with Fairy Tail!" Natsu yelled. "What! You asshole you kicked me out! You struck me! You called me weak!" Lucy screamed, tears fell out of her eyes. "And you picked Lissanna over me, and broke my heart." She said between sobs. Natsu looked heartbroken. "Nobody makes my girl cry! Get out." I growled. "Your girl?" Natsu asked. "Yes! Sting is my boyfriend asshole!" Lucy screamed. A tear fell out of Natsu's eye, and he started sprinting away from our room. I sighed. "Sting, I gotta go talk to him," Lucy said, shooting me an apologetic look. I nodded, and smiled. "No problem Lucy!" I said. And she started running after Natsu.


I love Lucy, how could she be with a jerk like Sting?! Tears came pouring down my face, Lucy is my mate! Why? Why wont she come back to Fairy Tail? And then there are those damn Sabers! "Natsu?" A voice asked. I turned around, it was Lucy! Why did she follow me. "Natsu? Why are you crying?" She asked, although, she did not sound concerned. "Why Lucy? Why Sting?" I asked. She looked at me confused. "Oh so this is what this is all about." She said. "Natsu, I... Gotta go." She said, she turned around and then she started running back toward her room. I dont have time for this, the games start in 20 minutes, I hurried to my room, to get ready.



"The list of matches today will be," the pumpkin said.

"Lucy from Sabertooth vs Erza from Faiiry Tail." Yes! I was gonna get to fight Erza! Sabertooth laughed, and Sing gave me a hug.

"Natsu from Fairy Tail vs Sting from Sabertooth." Sting looked shocked. I gave him a high five. "Your gonna do great!" I said, he kissed me, and everyone gasped.

"Well folks it looks like Lucy Heartfilia and Sting Euecliff are dating!" The pumpkin yelled happily. Me and Sting turned beet red. The audiance cheered, and Fairy Tail looked shocked. "LU-CHAN YOU AND STING ARE DATING?!" Min-chan yelled. I nodded and she crushed me in a hug. "Sting, you hurt her, and your ass will be cleaning the bathrooms of the guild for the rest of your life!" Min-chan said facing Sting. His face paled and he nodded.

"Well Erza and Lucy please come to the arena!" The pumpkin yelled. "Here, for good luck," Sting said, putting a white crystal necklace around my neck. "Thanks Sting!" I said. Giving him a hug, and I jumped the balcony, landing in the arena on my feet.

Me and Erza met in the middle of the arena, and glared at her. "Lucy-" she started. "Save it, and dont hold back on me, because I will not hold back on you." I growled. She looked sad, and nodded.

The pumpkin lectured us about having a clean fight, and we both nodded. I buckled on my limiters, that made sure I only used 25% precent of my magic. So I did not fatally hurt Erza, I had to wear three. "BEGIN!" The pumpkin yelled.

"Re-equip, Black wing armor!" I yelled. Black glisting armor appeared on my body. The audiance gasped, and Erza's eyes widened. "Heavenly wield armor! Dance my swords!" She yelled. I smirked, and disappeared. I reapeared behind her, and kicked her in the head, causing her to slam into the ground. "Titania took the first hit of the battle!" The pumpkin shouted, and I turned to him. I smirked, but Erza popped up and did a suprise attack on me, pinning me to the ground. She summonded one of her large swords, and swiped at my neck, she missed me, but ruined my necklace Sting gave me. Now I was mad. I kicked her off of me, she went flying. I could not control my anger. Not just because of the necklace, but at her, and Natsu. My eyes started flickering between full yellow, and my brown pupils. I could not control it. I rose into the air. A dark cloud surrounded me. And when I cam out, my eyes were fully glowing yellow. My skin was had dragon scales on it, and demon wings sprouted out of my back. I was in full demon slayer mode, my most powerful mode.

My limiters shattered, releasing my full power. A dark aura surrounded me. "Damn Erza, you made me mad!" I yelled. She smirked. "Lightning Empress Armor!" She yelled, and yellow armor apeared on body. Along with a long sharp sword. I growled. "I summon thee, Hades! Grant me your power to destroy my enemy!" I yelled. I felt dark magic surging into me. I flew about fifty feet upward over Erza. "Shadow Dragon Roar!" I yelled. The impact caused the arena floor to crumble, sending Erza hundreds of feet below the arena. I snuck a glance at Fairy Tail, they looked shocked. I bet they did not know I was the next Dragon Queen. I smirked at them and followed Erza to the bottom of the hole I created. She was laying on her back, in some regular armor. "You have gotten strong Lucy,but not stronger than me." She said standing up. "I would not be so sure of myself if I was you." I said still in my Demon Slayer mode. "Demon Slayer Sacred Art! Flaming Wings of Hell!" I yelled. The attack hit Erza full on slamming her into the rocks, she passed out. I kicked her in the ribs, and casted a spell on her that would make Wendy not be able to heal her. I want her to feel the pain. She would have to heal naturally. My attacks seemed to have a pretty fatal toll on her. "Damn Titania, you have no idea how long I have waited to do that." I said, I flew out of the hole, and exited Demon Slayer mode. I stood, and everyone cheered.

"Lucy Heartfilia of Sabertooth wins! Long live the Dragon!" The pumpkin yelled. I smiled, and my team ran up to me, and put me on their shoulders. "Way to go Lu-chan!" Min-chan yelled. I smiled and raised my fist. The audiance cheered louder. Fairy Tail was glaring at us, I just smiled sweetly. Sting pulled me into a kiss, and I gave him a hug. "Folks, due to damage of the arena, the match between Sting, and Natsu will be postponed!" The pumpkin yelled. "Let's go celebrate our victory!" Sting yelled. And they raised me onto their shoulders again. "Long live the Dragon!" The audiance chanted. Just then Igneel flew through a portal. I hopped off of my team mates shoulders, and ran to him. "Igneel!" He gave me a hug. Natsu looked at us in shock. "Your majesty, you are needed in the dragon realm." He said. I nodded, and ran over to Sting. "Hey, I will be back for the games tomorrow, but I have got to go." I said, and pecked him on the cheek.

"IGNEEL!" Natsu screamed, running at Igneel. "Natsu, how could you hurt my princess Lucy?!" Igneel screamed. Natsu stopped. "Dad I-" he started. Igneel just shook his head. "You majesty lets go." Igneel said. I hopped on his back, and he opened the portal to the dragon realm, and flew in. Little did we know that Natsu also hopped in.


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