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I Want You Back

Updated on September 3, 2013

Sonos - I Want You Back

Stupid Man Tricks

I met her, (let's call her Priscilla) because my buddy, (let's call him Miles) wanted her. Bad. The funny thing is, he already had a girlfriend. He always said to me, "John,If I ever get her, you'll never see my girlfriend again!" The problem, was that Miles was horribly shy around Priscilla, and could not complete sentences around her. So, he, as friends often do, asked for my help. So, I befriended her, so he would have reasons to be around her.

We had a photo class together, and I honestly admired the images she came up with. That started our first conversation, which led to many more. I was her friendly face in a somewhat competitive classroom, and she was... Kinda cool. Miles, however was still scared of her, so I arranged a shoot where it would just be the three of us, hanging out and making art. Miles happily agreed to this, saying he might be a little late as he had an appointment.

The day arrived, and Pris and I met up, and had a great time shooting different things, and talking. She was really cool, and knew a lot about music. Miles never showed up, and I cursed him in my mind, for leaving me hanging. She was so sweet and nice, and really easy to talk to. Why wouldn't he open his damn mouth?

That evening, I got a call. It was from Miles' girlfriend, who tearfully informed me that Miles, who had congenital heart problems, had gone to the hospital for a routine test, and had passed away during it.

My friend was gone. And I now had a new friend, thanks to him, that I really didn't need. But I liked her, so we kept hanging out. She was my Assistant Director on my first real short film, all four times I tried to shoot it. When I gave up, she pulled me back in. When I was inconsolable, she consoled me. When she was down, I protected her from her demons. We were fierce allies.

By this time I knew Pris had an ex boyfriend, that lived in Paris. They had broken up because they did not want to do the long-distance thing. She referred to him as her best friend. She and I were inseparable, except when he would visit. Then, it was like she was in Witness Protection. I met him a few times, and she always acted differently toward me when he was around. Sort of anxious and nervous. I was okay with it, I mean, it's not as if I LIKE her or something.

We started to spend entire days together. In the evenings we would go to the market, and shop, making up what we were going to eat by what was available. We'd go back to her place, and cook together, making ourselves dinner. we'd watch a movie, and then I would go home, only to call her when I got home and spend hours on the phone. I used to call these conversations "the We Hours", because they were so intimate, and went so late, usually until dawn. We would talk about our hopes and dreams, problems, what we were going to do the next day, blah, blah, blah. You know how you have a conversation where you are both trying to hang up the phone and be sensible, but you both have too much to say to each other, it lasts forever? yeah, like that.

She started seeing other people, and I went on some dates of my own. We would discuss these dalliances in great detail, sharing and laughing about them as best friends do. She was my best friend. I started to get a little jealous when she would spend time with any one other than her family. Actually, I was jealous then, too! She loves me... She loves me not

She went to Mexico with me to a friend's wedding. we had a great time, dancing and partying, and celebrating. We went up to the room we were sharing, and changed into swimsuits, and got in the jacuzzi, staying until the water was cold, just talking and enjoying the view of the ocean from the horizon pool. When we went back to the room, I let her change for bed first, while I tried to find something on the tv that was not in Spanish. after a while, all the drinks that I'd had wanted out, so I went to knock on the bathroom door, but it was ajar. I could see Priscilla, topless, and staring into the mirror. I stood there, staring at her breasts, and time stood still. All of this time, I had successfully been able to ignore the fact that Priscilla was a woman, and a very beautiful one at that. We got in bed, and things were completely different for me. I did not sleep a wink.

For the next month, I was in hell. I had feelings for my friend, there was no denying it! And I had no idea of what to do! Should I tell her how I feel, and then watch her be uncomfortable, and slowly fade out of existence? Should I never speak of it, and go back to the way things were? She loves me... She loves me not.

Things eventually returned to normal, and Life went on. We hung out here and there, when time permitted. It was cool. I moved to San Diego, and started traveling a lot. It is not like we grew apart, but instead grew broader in scope. We saw each other frequently, as I was always in LA, and she would come down to hang with me as her work permitted. She worked very hard, and was sought after in her profession, working on bigger and bigger productions


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    • social thoughts profile image

      social thoughts 3 years ago from New Jersey

      This is an interesting story. It is a bit rough, but I found myself pulled in. I was so bummed when it ended so quickly! Will you be adding more? You may want to edit it for the writing--just a bit.