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I Will Be Back (Part One)

Updated on August 6, 2017
Sam ZeFroy profile image

Hey guys! I am starting a new one today, I will still continue A Light Within, but I am gonna focus on this one for a while.

Lucy Hertfilia joined Fairy Tail about two years ago. In the beggining everything was great. Everyone appretiated me, and talked to me. I joined team Natsu, with Erza Scarlett, Gray Fullbuster, and Happy. Plus she had enough money to pay my rent. And she even managed to develop a huge crush on Natsu Dragneel. But everything changed about a month ao when Lissanna Strauss, who everyone thought was dead, came back.

The only people who talked to her were Levy McGarden, Gray Fullbuster, Wendy Marvel, and Gajeel Redfox. Natsu started ignoring her. Only paying attention to Lissanna. The whole guild did, except master, of course.


I walked into the guild this morning, as I expected, nobody noticed. I sat down at the bar and ordered my milkshake, Mira Strauss, the bartender and Lissanna's sister, glared at me slaming the milkshake on the counter, shattering the glass. The milkshake splattered all over me. The whole guild laughed. Tears fell down my face, I was such a baby. Suddenly there was arms around me. It was Gray. I balled into his shirt. He patted my back. "It is gonna be okay Luce," Gray whispered. I pulled out of the hug, and nodded.

Gray left to go talk to Gajeel. I was now alone. Natsu walked up to me, Erza hot on his heels. Were they finally gonna talk to me after all this time? I smiled, but Natsu did the last thing I expected him to do.


He slapped me square across the face. Tears fell down my cheeks. My face throbbed. "What was that for Natsu?" I asked. "To prove to you that your weak, and you cannot defend yourself." Natsu sneered. "Me and Erza have decided to kick you off of team Natsu, Lissanna is gonna replace you, since she is stronger." Natsu answered. Erza nodded and said, "we are tiered of having to save you." Natsu brought his hand down to slap me, but he pain never came.

Gray was standing in front of me holding Nastu's clenched fist in his hands. "NASTSU! YOU NEVER TOUCH LUCY!" Gray yelled kicking Nastsu so hard he flew right out the guild doors. I stood up tears streaming down my face. I ran out the guild, and started sprintiong toward my apartment.


I walked into the guild, and I saw Natsu slap Lucy so hard she started crying. He and Erza started yelling at her, and then I saw Natsu raise a fist at her. I quickly ran infront of her and blocked the hit. What the hell is this bastard thinking?! "NATSU! YOU NEVER TOUCH LUCY!" I yelled. I kicked him as hard as I could, causing him to be flung out the guild doors. I turned around to see Lucy running out of the guild. I followed her. She ran into her apartment and slammed the door. I could her her sobs even through the thick door. Damn that Natsu. I knew that deep down I had feelings for Lucy, but I would never be able to confess. I left Lucy's apartment, and went home.


I always cared for Natsu, I thought that maybe he could possibly care for me, but I guess I was wrong. I knew what I had to do. I grabbed everything I needed out of my apartment, and left. I headed to the train station, and when I got there, I heard. "Layla's daughter?" The woman asked "Yes, who are you?" I asked. The woman bowed, "Celestial, a friend of your mother's, come with me your majesty." Celestial said. "Your majesty," I asked, confused. "Why yes child, your mother is the dragon queen, so therefore you are the dragon princess, the next heir to the throne, now come with me, we dont want to keep your mother waiting." Celestial opened a portal, then pulled me through it. I was in the Dragon realm, in the Dragon Palace, and my mother was standing in front of me with, wait for it, a celestial dragon behind her. "MOM?! YOUR ALIVE??" I screamed tackling her in a hug. "Yes, my death was just an illusion so I cold com back here, and rule, I have missed you Lucy." my mother replied.

In the next thirty minutes, I learned I was the elemental dragon, the dragon princess, the next heir to the dragon throne. Also Jude Heartfilia is not my dad, Acnologia is, Jude was just a friend of my mother's, and his last name is not even Heartfilia, it is Detroit! I would be training for the next five years. Mom introduced me to my trainer, and it was dad!

"Hello daughter." He said to me pulling e in for a hug. "Hi dad," I said pulling out of the hug. "So we are gonna start our training, the first twelve moths will be dragon slayer magic. The next seven month will be troll slaying magic. The next five months will be fairy slaying magic. The next six months will be god slayer magic. The next month will be ice make magic. The next five months will be holy magic. The next twelve months will be demon slayer magic. The next three months will be script magic. And the next nine months will be celestial goddess magic." Dad said with a smile. "Wow," I said, "we better get started," And so we did.


Second turned to minutes, minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days, days turned to months, and months turned to years.


(Five years later.)

"I did it, I finally completed my training!" I said, "yes you did girlie," dad said giving me a hug. "Way to go sweetheart," my mother said. "You ready to go to Earth?" Dad asked. Not waiting for an answer, he flicked his wrist, and I was back on Earth.


First things first Lucy, you need to make a name for yourself.


(Two weeks later)

Lucy had defeated all the dark guilds in Fiore. Nobody knew who she really was. Everyone called her the dragon. Nobody knew what magic she used. all anyone knew was that she was strong.


I defeated all the dark guilds easily, barley used any of my magic. Today I was gonna go join Sabertooth. I threw on a cloak, and opened the doors to Sabertooth. "Who goes there!" A strong female voice asked. I smirked, although noboy could see me under my cloak. "I wish to join your guild." I said. A girl with dark hair stepped into the light. "Show yourself. I have already revealed myself." The girl said. I pulled down my cloak, and the whole guild gasped. "Y-your the dragon!" The girl said. "Yes I am." I said. The Master Jiemna walked out. "Almighty dragon, you wish to join my guild?" He asked, I nodded. "Well you must battle my daughter Minerva, and win to be accepted." He said pointing at the girl. I smirked, and gave the master a thumbs up. I was lead into a huge arena. Minerva and I stepped into the middle and shook hands. The gong sounded and I waited for her to make the first move.

Little balck orbs came at me. I easily caught them and ate them. "Mm, thanks for the snack, my turn," I said and smirked. "Roar of the light dragon" I yelled, my attack hit Minerva square on. "Wait a Light dragon?!" A blonde boy asked pushing through the crowd. I smirked and put my finger to my lips. Minerva attacked me again, but I easily dodged her attack. "Light and Shadow dragon, UNISION RAID!" I yelled. My attack hit Minerva, and she passed out. The blonde boy looked at me, and his mouth fell open. The master came into the arena, and said "the dragon is the winner! You a welcomed into Sabertooth, and I deem you the strongest S-class mage of Sabertooth!" Master yelled. "Can I have my emblem purple, and on my right hand?" I asked the master snapped his fingers and my emblem appeared. "Thank you, but I must be on my way, I will see everyone tomorrow, and you guys dont have to call me the dragon. My name is Lucy Heartfilia." I said, the whole guild gasped. The blonde boy came up to me. "I am Sting Euecliff, I am a light dragon slayer!" he said. "Cool, I am Lucy, say, do ya wanna be partners?" I asked. He gapped at me. "I would love to!" Sting said. "Cool!" I said.

"Holdup everyone. I have the list for the Grand Magic Games! Out team this year will be Lucy Heartfilia, but you will be entered as the dragon!" the guild cheered "Sting Euecliff, and Rogue Chesney, our twin dragon slayers!" I cheered as Sting and boy dressed in all black stepped forward. "I am Rogue," the boy said giving me a smile, "I am Lucy," I said giving him a smile. He blushed. "Nice to meet you, Lucy." he said. And the master continued. "Minerva, and Rufuss!" The guild erupted into cheers! "We are gonna take our title back from those fairies because. this year we have Lucy !" Sting yelled. I smiled and blushed? Why am I blushing?? I looked upand Sting was blushing to! I got pulled into another room, "Finally someone as strong as me!" It was Minerva. "I am sorry if I come off as mean, but I dont really have any friends since everyone fears my power, so will yu be my friend?" Minerva asked. "I smiled of course! You can call me Lu-chan, I only let my friends call me that!" I said and gave her a hug. "Okay thanks Lu-chan! You can call me Min-chan! Do ya wanna crash at my place?" Min-chan asked. "Yes, thank you! I was gonna have to sleep in a tree!" I said and we both laughed. We headed to Min-chan's place, and I got settled and when to sleep.


Master walked oout of his office and yelled, "LISTEN UP BRATS! I have the list for the Grand Magic Games!" "Natsu, Erza, Gray, Laxus, and Wendy!" The whole guild cheered, and Gray stood on a table and yelled, "LETS WIN THIS YEAR FOR LUCY!" The guild cheered louder.

Five years ago most of Fairy Tail had been controlled by somebody causing Lucy Heartfilia to leave, nobody knows where she went, but the guild knew it was because of them.


Five years ago, I was controlled by a spell that caused me to treat my Lucy terribly. I kicked her out of my team, and I hit her. I love Lucy, and every fight I win, I win for her. I hope she is okay.



"Okay pumkins! The first eight teams to the arena are in the games! Three... Two... One.. GO!!

"Everyone grab onto me!" I said, and everyone did, I teleported our team to the gate. I opened it and the pumpkin gasped. "You all got here in five seconds, thats a new record!" The pumpkin said. We cheered. We waited, and waited, and waited, until finally all eight guilds were here.

"Okay guys, in 8th place we have Fairy Tail Team A, in 7th place Mermaids Heel, In 6th place Blue Pegasus, in 5th place Oracion Seis, in fourth place Quatro Cerberus, in 3rd place Fairy Tail Team B, in 2nd place Lamia Scale." The pumpkin started.

"And in first place, Sabertooth! With Sting and Rogue the twin dragon slayers, Minerva, Rufuss, and you know her name, but you dont know her strength... THE DRAGON! This year the legendary dragon will be competing with Sabertooth!" The pumpkin said excitedly. Wow he must really like me, I thought. The other guilds gasped, most of them were complaining about how it was unfair that Sabertooth had me, but...

"Alright the first game today will be Monster Castle! This year instead of 100 monsters, there will be 5,000 monsters! All the monsters are rated by difficulty There are 1,500 E-class monsters, those are the eaisiest, there are 2,000 D-class, there are 1,000 C-class monsters, there are 400 B-class monsters, and there are 100 A-class monsters. You will get one point per monster defeated. Each team select a teammate!" The pumpkin said.

I was chosen to represent Sabertooth.

"Alright the participates are, Erza, from Fairy Tail Team A! Kagura from Mermaid Heel, Lyon from Lamia Scale, Hibiki from Blue Pegasus, Midnight from Oracion Seis, Ray from Quatro Cerberus, Laxus from Fairy Tail Team B, and The Dragon from Sabertooth." The pumpkin said, and the whole arena cheered. Everyone drew a straw, and I got number one. "Who has number one?" he asked. I raised my hand. "How many monsters?" He asked. I thought for a second before I said, "I challenge all 5,000 of them!" Everyone gasped, and I smirked.

The ramp came down from the castle. I walked out up it, and pulled out my Katanas. "I am the Dragon, and I challenge all of you! So come out and fight me!" I yelled. Monsters came from everywhere. With one slash of my katanas all the E, and D- class monsters were defeated. I took three slashes with my katanas, and defeated all the C-class monsters. I was half way done with the b-class monsters, when one of them broke my swords. I growled. Time to show some magic, I guess. "Heveanly Stars, wipe out all in my path!" I yelled, and all the monsters were defeated. I stepped out of the castle. I only took me ten minutes. I looked up and every mouth in the arena was open, in shock.

I raised my fist and Sabertooth cheered. My team raised me up on their shoulder, and cheered. The pumpkin brought out the Magicometer. And all the the other teams hit it with they're best shot. Erza was last, she scored a 9,000, and she walked up to me. "Hey, lets make a bet. If I beat you, you take off that cloak and show us who you are." I nodded and said, "And if I win, you strip in the middle of the arena." I said and smirked. We shook hands, and I walked up to the machine. "Heavens wield!" I yelled. The machine read: 9999999. "Yes! I broke the machine!" I said. I looked at Erza. Tears started rolling down her cheek, and she walked to the middle of the arena, and stripped off all her clothes. The whole arena burst into laughter. "YOU MADE ERZA CRY! I AM GONNA KILL YOU SABER!" Natsu said running at me. I laughed. "Like you did to that poor girl, Lucy Heartfilia?" I asked. Natsu stopped dead in his tracks. "W-what? How do you know about h-her?" Natsu asked, still frozen. I smirked and walked away.


Minerva and Sting tackled me into a bear hug. "Good job Lucy!" Sting said. I nodded and Min-chan whispered to me "Hey I put that small blue haired Fairy Tail out." she smirked. Wendy. I started running toward the infirmary. I burst in, and Fairy Tail team A was surrounding a unconscious Wendy. Gray stood infront of me. "What do you want Saber?" He asked. "I am here on behalf of a stupid friend's mistake, I wish to heal Wendy." I said pushing past everyone. I put my hands over Wendy's chest. She started glowing gold. And then when my healing was done she sat up. I smiled. Master walked up to me and said "Thank you, Dragon." I nodded, and sent him a telepathic message. 'Master, anything to help Wendy. Btw it is me Lucy. But dont tell anyone.' He looked at me shocked. He ran up to me and gave me a hug. "I missed you child." He whispered, so only I could hear. I nodded and left.

It was time for the second event of the day, 'The Naval Battle' it is basically just a floating water battle. The pumpkin announced the teams. Min-chan was competing for Sabertooth. Juvia with Fairy Tail team B, and Wendy with Fairy Tail Team A. She must be feeling better.

The battle started, and Juvia wipped everyone out with her 'love' for Gray spelling. I laughed to myself. Poor Gray. I watched. Juvia tried to attack Min-chan, but she just kept dodging. Soon Juvia was out of magic energy. Min-chan started to beat her over and over. And when poor Juvia started to drift toward the exit of the water bubble Min-chan teleported her back infront of her. Gray was screaming for Mi-chan to stop, but erza was holding him back. But I could not take this anymore. I jumped over the balcony, and ran up to the pumpkin, and told him what I was gonna do. He just nodded. I trew off my cloak, revealing myself. Fairy Tail gasped, but I did not care, I had to save Juvia. "MINERVA STOP!" I yelled but she just ignored me, and kept beating Juvia. I launched myself into the bubble. "MINERVA! I SAID STOP!" I yelled. "And I should listen to you Lucy?" She said. I teleported Juvia infront of me. I put her in a magic healing pod. And dropped her slowly to the bottom of the bubble, but not disquailifying her. "Minerva! Why would you do that?!" I asked. "Why do you care? She is just a weak fairy" Minerva snapped. "Give her back to me!" Minerva yelled at me. "You are gonna have to go through me first!" I yelled back. Minerva launched some powerful orbs at me, but I caught them, throwing them out the bubble. "Demon Slayer secret art, Fire flame curse!" I cast the spell and it knocked Minerva clean out of the bubble, disqualififying her. I pulled Juvia's pod up to me, and opened it. She looked at me. "Lucy?" She asked confused. I nodded, and she hugged me. "Oh Lu-chan I missed you!" She said. I smiled. "Sorry about Minerva, she has a thing against Fairy Tail, I will take care of it." I said, and Juvia nodded. "Juvia, it looks like you won." I said. She looked at me. "But you are in here." She said clearly confused. "Not anymore," I said, and I launched myself out of the bubble. I started to fall, but Sting caught me. he whispered in my ear, "you did the right thing Lucy." And then he put me down. Fairy Tail was running at me. "LUCY!!" Gray screamed tears rolling down his face. He hugged me so hard. "Oh Lucy, I missed you! Thank you for helping Juvia!" He said. I nodded, and pulled away. "Hey pumpkin, change my name from the Dragon to Lucy Heartfilia!" I said, and Sabertooth cheered. I started running away from Fairy Tail. I did not want to talk to them. I went up to Minerva, and grabbed her wrist and pulled her with me. as we left Pumpkin declared Juvia the winner of the Naval Battle, and I peaked st the score board.

1) Sabertooth: 20 points

2) Fairy Tail Team B: 10 points

3) Lamia Scale: 5 points

4) Quatro Cerberus: 3 points

5) Mermaid Heel: 2 points

6) Fairy Tail Team A: 1 point

7) Oracion Seis: 0 points

8) Blue Pegasus: 0 points

Good I thought, Sabertooth is winning. I threw Minerva against the wall. "Minerva, what were you thinking?" I asked. Minerva had tears running down her face. "I dunno, I just hate those Fairies, I could not control my actions. I could not even control what I was saying, I am so sorry Lu-chan, I understand if you don't want to be my friend anymore." Minerva said. I gave her a hug. "Miner- I mean Min-chan, of course you are still my friend, just try to control your actions, and I am sorry for using demon slayer magic on you, that must of hurt! Let me heal you." I said. "Thank you Lu-chan, and I have no hard feelings about the fight." she said. I smiled, and healed her.

And that was the end of Day One Of The Grand Magic Games!


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