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I am In Love With Sweet Monogamy

Updated on July 18, 2013

I Am Happier Than I Have Ever Been

I am not sure when it started

Maybe it was my destiny

Growing up in the neighborhood I heard grown ups talk

They didn't seem to like Monogamy much

I even heard some nasty things

It wasn't long before I had to find out for myself

Could they all be right?

Could Monogamy be really that bad

Coming home every night to the same person

Sharing all our dreams and letting our imagination soar

Seeing Monogamy's eyes light up when I walk in the room

Hearing a voice like no other

Taking away any pain I might of had

Seeing the greatest things in life

Believing in all I have

To all my friends,neighbors and relatives too

Monogamy isn't that bad

Monogamy is the best thing in my life

I come home every night and wake up every morning with Monogamy by my side

Years may pass but my heart still flutters

There is no better day then when I can say

Monogamy you are simply the best

I am happy you waited for me

Now I can live out my life

Thrilled and as excited as those busy bees that make honey

Who buzz all day long and never want to stop

When all is said and done

You are mine

You are fine

You are the one


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