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I am a male to female transexual

Updated on December 22, 2014

Life as a Male to Female Transexual

Hi, my name is Emily and I am a male to female transsexual. I wish eventually to have gender or sex reassignment surgery so I can match my female mind to a more appropriate body type. I have struggled with this since I was a toddler of 3 years of age. I just knew I was different and I cried considerably. My life was plagued with depression and feelings of wanting to die. I just was miserable with my situation and had no one to talk to. I couldn't tell my parents or my sisters. I felt all alone and trapped with no one to turn to. I identified as a girl and was drawn to my sister's clothes. I started wearing girl's clothes from the age of 3. I tried to live a normal life but I was plagued with depression, gender dysphoria and suicidal feelings with some attempted suicides. I have been hospitalized many times and now I am currently transitioning to realize my dream of becoming a female.

I am taking female hormones, estradiol (2 mg, 3x a day) and transgender blockers (spironolactone, 100 mg 2x a day). I am also doing electrolysis to remove my facial hair. I am seeing a therapist to speak with about my depression and transgender related issues on a weekly basis and I am also seeing a psychiatrist once a month at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital. I am seeing a medical doctor at Callen Lorde Health Community Center in New York. I also am very active on Youtube and other social media web sites sharing my experiences and expressing my true feelings on being transgender. It is not an easy road and I have still a long way to go. I hope to have surgery at some point in my life or I may just lose total interest in going on because my gender dysphoria is still a constant battle I face every day of my life.

I have set up a fund hoping there are caring people out there who can help me with my surgery by contributing what little they can. I would certainly be very appreciative. I just want to be happy finally and if I have the surgery I will finally be true to myself and will rejoice and finally live and enjoy my life as a transsexual woman.

I encourage you to read my story which is presented in the link below. Please feel free to contact me or leave comments.

Thank you.


Emily is a transexual

Emily's slide show


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