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I didn't teach you how to treat me

Updated on November 10, 2010


I didn’t teach you how to treat me



I’m so sorry – my mistake

Unfortunately you are too late

For me to teach you how to treat me


Perhaps it was my pretty smile

My care for you and your child

Or the effort in my friendship

That led you to devalue my kinship

Whatever the cause may be

I failed to teach you how to treat me


As a friend I encouraged you and supported your dreams

Always cheered for you and your team

There to listen and watch you shine

Wishing you all the best on every occasion and try

Disrespect, disregard, mind games and lies

Filled your heart for you always wished me a step behind

You always trying to outshine


Playing games of manipulation – using strategy

Great job! You played your role

Your fake friendship took a toll

You’ve mistaken my kindness for weakness

No longer will I hold my tongue

Go ahead and have fun

I’m through with you and your cruel intensions

All because you dance this fake love on stage

Only to discover when the lights come on

Your games – manipulation – disregard has left you all alone

I owe you an apology I see

For I did not teach you how to treat me


Empty promises



Infidelity, selfishness, and no consideration

Love given in doses only with hesitation

Of me and my needs

Empty relationship full of deceit

Supporting you in mind – body – and soul

Your poisonous love took a toll

But no reason to apologize this season

My bags are packed and you’ll wonder the reason

It’s not your fault – don’t you agree?

For I did not teach you how to treat me

Friends and relationships are by election only

Don’t keep people around to avoid being lonely

Whispering revealing hopes and holding hands with your arch enemy

Gloriously disguised as an ill wishing friend

It was once said – you’re either for or against me

No room for those who provide part time friendship

No time for mental mind games

Be true to me and abstain

From brining me rain for no reason

Hatred for three of the four seasons

Inconsistency wrapped in fake love

You’re not the only one with a brain bub


Teaching people how to treat you has to coincide with actions that back up your words.  When people treat you in a manner that does not meet your expectations – address it.  Speak up on behalf of yourself and refuse to be a victim any longer.  Stand up for yourself.  You deserve the same care and consideration you extend to others.  Allowing someone to express if they care after addressing the situation by their behavior will tell you if they need to stay or go. 

If your friendship is stressing you out or your relationship makes you feel like you’re drowning while you’re awake – let it go!  Address the issues first, weigh their response by their actions, then determine if the relationship / friendship is worth it.  When you release unhealthy and toxic energy you make way for better people to enter your life. Life is too short to include people who complicate it even further.


Be Blessed.


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