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Some Thoughts on Same Sex Marriage

Updated on September 14, 2016

Let's talk

Same- Sex Marriage

Like in religion, there is no argument concerning homosexuality and same- sex marriage I haven’t heard- these topics just seem to attract strong emotions and reactions from different people. Recently, I watched some popular guy being asked in an interview what his thoughts were. Like many people on live television, he simply said that they should be allowed to do what they want. This got me asking myself, what are my real thoughts on gay people and same sex marriage? To be a hundred percent honest, I have never had any problems with gay people, and why should I? Really... While I have no problems with any gay person, I cannot say I support same- sex marriage. Before you develop everlasting hate for me, please read on :) please... Ok? Great...

The title of my article was "I do not support gay marriage... So what?" think of this as me telling a gay couple that I do not support same- sex marriage and them replying "so what?" most of those who present negative attitudes towards homosexuals tend to focus more on the sexuality of these individuals rather than the fact that they are also human beings. Some family members and/or friends of a gay individual will push away such an individual from their lives because of the fact that he/she is a homosexual. While we cannot just accept everyone to be ok with it, given that it comes as a surprise in some cases, it is important to try and understand the position of the gay individual. In most situations where I have found myself engaged in a discussion concerning homosexuality, I usually ask my friends or peers to try and put themselves in the position of a gay individuals for just a minute - where one has no interest whatsoever of the opposite sex, and is deeply in love with a person of the same sex as them. In all reality, I don't believe that any of my heterosexual friends/peers nor I can really understand what it is to be gay- it would be like asking a white person in America trying to put themselves in the shoes of African Americans- it is simply impossible to understand what they are going through and what they feel. For this reason, one can only imagine how they would feel if they were being insulted, threatened and put to shaming because of who they love- it has to be the most difficult thing to go through such torment day after day.

Like I mentioned before, not everyone will accept homosexuality in the society let alone same- sex marriage. While this is the reality in every other society, should it be a reason to make life hard for homosexual individuals? While I cannot say I support same- sex marriage in church, this has no stopped me from being friends with gay individuals. I respect them and support them through difficulties as I do any other person. Differences will always be there and those who expect for everyone to be on the same side is simply delusional. While this is true, differences should never keep us from being friends, from grabbing a beer together or from helping one another. As a Christian, I have found myself engaging in very interesting discussions with atheists. However, I have never allowed this to bring about enmity between myself and these atheists- we simply have different points of view. This should also be the case with homosexuality.

Imagine for a minute of a young adult who goes to his parents and tells them that he is gay and has been one for a very long time. The ideal outcome in such a situation would be for both parents to say they understand and support their child regardless. Sure, this may be the case among many parents, but some will simply not accept it- they would rather push their son away. Now think of such parents who are strongly against homosexuality saying that they understand. Note, they are not in support of their son being gay, but they understand and accept him as he is. I feel that this is how it should be. Of course, the parents may not "really" understand, but they have to try to. This is a demonstration of love and care for another person. Sure, one may not be in support of their sexuality, but we should always maintain that respect for each other as human beings regardless of our differences.

The second part of this article concerns some gay people themselves. Again, the title of this article is "I do not support gay marriage... So what?" although I cannot say I know what it is like to be gay, some of the gay individuals I am interact with have talked about their partners in ways that prove they deeply love and care for them- it is not simply sexual. While some people will completely oppose homosexuality and push any homosexual away from them, some of those in the gay community allow such attitudes to affect them to the extent that they cannot lead a normal life with those they love- this is giving too much weight to the words and opinions of others. I will use my Christian/atheist argument again, Don't get bored...

Respect and a Little Understanding

Some Final Words

As a Christian who believes and trusts in God, I have never allowed any argument or opinion to change my belief in God. When it comes to God, I am home. Only a gay individual knows what he/she really feels about their partners. They are the only ones who understand what they have been through and where they are headed. As such, the words and opinions of others should not influence the direction of their feelings. Being influenced by the words and opinions of others means that one is seeking the approval of others so as to decide on how to proceed. Like I have said time and again, it all comes down to the personal relationship we have with God- for those who believe in God that is. While I may not be in support of same- sex marriage, I cannot say I understand what it is or what it means, and thus it should be all up to them how to proceed with their relationship.

Am I wrong? Let me know Your Thoughts on This

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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 20 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      So what? I really don't know, Patrick. It's not a matter of whether someone else thinks you're right or wrong. You hold the beliefs and opinions of your own. It would make no sense to attempt to force yourself or to pretend you feel differently than you actually do.

      The best way I feel I can describe this sort of thing is to share how I see this all as it pertains to the world, as well as to myself.

      While I am not gay and would never consider a same-sex relationship of any sort, I feel very strongly that it is simply not my place nor my business to impose my lifestyle upon another. If I disapprove, I would do so privately, knowing what I think is not at all important to another person when making life decisions.

      I cannot imagine denying any human being the right to be who they are and live as they choose, free from bigotry.

      What you think about any number of issues is for you to decide and protect, without making a huge deal or publicizing one's opinion, unless it is truly imperative to you to advocate for or against something. (But if we stop and think about this activity it seems foolish and inconsequential.)

      You presented your topic quite well, Patrick, because you represented your own truths. That's all any of us can do.