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I don't understand people

Updated on January 2, 2011

And I am tired of trying to figure them out too

 My Mom told me once when I was upset because I had screwed something up as a kid that "all things happen for a reason and that all things work out the way they are suppose to. You just have to keep in mind that your friends are always the ones that will stick by you and deal with you, no matter what, when you are so low you aren't sure you can walk anymore." I still find it quite funny, in a bad way, that those words were told to me by someone at my Mom's viewing when she died. I have to say that some of that I am not sure about, but the friends will deal with you when you are most down part is very true. When something bad is going on in your life, you always will see who you friends are, at times you might see you don't have as many friends as you thought you did too.

  The human animal is the most confusing, crazy animal on the planet, forget National Geographic and Animal Planet, I think we would make some great TV..maybe that is why "reality" shows are so popular? LOL, yes I know there is no such thing as a true human reality show, just creative editing to make you talk to your coworkers tomorrow about wtf was that I just saw on......insert show name. I just am finding that people will say whatever is necessary at times to just to get them out of your face, so to speak. Oh how I remember doing that from time to time at my previous job. People will say whatever needs to be said to make you feel better, but to get themselves out of the situation they have gotten themselves in to. And as I always say, a lot of people are naturally rude. I always go back and think of things that people say to me and wonder, "does this person think that little of me?" I just want people to say what they mean, say what they feel, and stand behind it. I would also like a few more please, thank you, and etc.

  Maybe I have just officially lost faith in humanity. I have a few good friends, but I am more and more seeing maybe there is no true friendships anymore. Maybe we are all out to get something from each other? All I want from my friends is someone to talk to, bitch to at the bare minimum, and trust me I would let you do the same in return. Or maybe I am just feeling the New Year anxiousness.

  At the end of the day, as complex as people think I am, I am a pretty simple, easy person to please.


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