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I want to be a old fashioned mail order bride!!

Updated on October 8, 2009
Here I come for the visit!
Here I come for the visit!

Bride available to the right man!

I want to go back in time. To the time when men used to seek out mail order brides. The men were decent hardworking men really looking for a wife. They were loyal and caring and honest and church going men.

They would write letters, we can use email. In the letters they would just talk and express their inner most thoughts. One day they would meet, when the stage coach pulled into town. (we can use a car)

I have browsed online dating sites, I have read profiles, most of them are looking for sex. I can not get past the look of most of the male members. They all look the same, like bad mug shots. Creepy pictures, even scary.

It is true I am very tired of the alone , single life. I may be single but I have a married mentality. I know that each of us are unique in our own way, and we all have our likes and dislikes.

For certain I do not like or want any VIRGO males. I do like men that look like men! I like men with hair on their head. I like a man that has a southern accent. A man that has a sense of presence in his walk, and demeanor.

I am seeking a caring man, honest and real. The person has to love his mother and father, his children and animals. No drinkers, felons or drug users. I like to travel and it would be nice to travel with company.

I was watching people in cars the other day, at stop lights. I could see all the couples so unhappy, the man in the drivers seat and the woman as the passenger, looking ahead, not talking looking plain miserable. I do not want that!

Does the world know that some people take good photos and some do not. Do we judge everything on a good or bad photo. What about our likes and dislikes. Our moral character.

I have spent six years watching as the world has gone by, and making excuses for not even trying to meet some one. Okay, I am not a fitness buff, I do not swim well. I consider myself average. I am independent and fun to be around. I like people and life.

I want to be wooed! The man should do the chasing, not the other way around. I want to be surprised!

So I will be a mail order bride, and have men try to catch my attention with words first. No pictures at all, only words. I can tell by how a person writes who they really are . There would be a progression to this method of finding the right fit. I know the web has sites but they are mostly woman looking to get into this country. I am going backwards in time.

First the writing, then the speaking, then the photo. The visiting would come if you make it that far.

You can live anywhere in the United States. I am not use to extreme cold any longer. I live in the South. It is like speed dating without the speed.

So if you are a grounded male between the ages of 56-59 years of age, have a southern accent, wears jeans and likes to dance, and listen to music, (country music also). I like cowboy hats too, I do not know why.

So if you know any nice male that would like to get to know a real cool lady, please tell them and my email address for this mail order bride venture is

Thank You And God Bless


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