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I was sneezing so loud this morning I had to leave the bedroom so my wife could sleep.

Updated on October 21, 2015

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Woke up this morning after catching some sneeze.

I have allergic rhinitis. This means I sneeze a lot. But when I go to sleep to catch some Z's I wake up after catching some sneeze.

The only way to let my wife finish getting a good night's sleep is for me to leave the bedroom and wonder off for coffee at the living room couch. I am sort of a couch potato by nature and doing so put some distance between us for the moment.

I have a nice box of Kleenex on the end table of the sofa. I feel a bit bad because I needed a few more hours of sleep before tackling the day. But I understand her point of view. If you snore at night, like I do, you already make it difficult for your partner to get any sleep let alone waking up with a cough and sniffles from fall allergies.

I take Diphenhydramine hydrochloride tablets to cut down on the sneezing but it often makes me groggy to the point that even a strong hot cup of freshly brewed Colombian coffee doesn't always sharpen my alertness.

I could take a loratadine based Claritin allergy tablet but I run out of these too fast. They are very expensive. The onlydifference between one and the other is I get sleepy headed after 30 minutes of taking a couple of these pink pills that sell over-the-counter and although it does a good job stopping some symptoms, I wouldn't recommend it except as a sedative to help you sleep at night when your spouse is trying to get some sleep.

Do you have a prescription for antihistamine or do you take the over-the-counter stuff?

It's easy to go and buy one of the generic allergy capsules or pills, but there are way too many varieties and it can sometimes be overwhelming to have to choose the right one for you.

Simply put, the basic drug of choice for me is Benadyl. Then there's Claritin. and Allegra.

You don't want to mix these. Either take one or the other. Try taking one tablet of one generic one day and another type the next. Sooner or later, after having tried many of these pills you might find one that's right for you on a daily basis.

Moreover, with fall allergies comes the flu. Have you had your flu shot yet?

Its like this every year. Those with a fear of the needle always use the excuse, "I don't get the flu and I never get a flu shot. It doesn't make any difference, a-chew!", then they end up giving it to you. They go out on the town while you remain in bed with fever and chills. They may have actually, a better immune system than you do. I personally do get my flu shot every September, before flu season hits. My wife and i both do. Why take any chances?

When you take the proper medicine to help out with allergy attacks to prevent them from being so overwhelming at ruining a perfectly good night's sleep, your spouse will thank you. When both of you get a good night of rest, then the day just goes more smoothly and there are no early morning grumps.

Meanwhile, I am still groggy from these 2 pink pills. I have to go find me a rake so I can get out there and rake a million acorns. The squirrels have already buried enough to make a forest of Live Oaks trees. I will at least be less allergic to the dust as raking in the fall does stir the ground a bit and cause problems for people like me who suffer from Sneeze Attacks.


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