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Updated on July 18, 2011

When Your Heart’s Desire Goes Away

"Rejection is God's way of saying "Wrong Direction" – Anonymous

When you are hurting and believe me, I have been there more than once, it seems as though the pain will never stop and you think there is something wrong with you. It seems that the words of encouragement from others are more than you can bear. Your head spins from all the comments, you just want to run away and hide from the world. Nothing seems more painful that losing the one you love so deeply and not understanding how he or she could just stop loving you. You wonder if you could have done something different. You wonder if you could have been more loving, more caring, more supportive, more, more, and more. The more you agonize over the ‘what ifs’ the deeper the hurt.

Getting Past The Pain

So, how do you get past the pain and sorrow? When I experienced this awful pain, it seemed as though I would never recover. I couldn’t eat nor sleep. It was affecting all aspects of my life relationships: personal and profession. To get over my broken heart I began to journal. I wrote down every feeling I was experiencing. Some days I could only write one word because my heart ached so badly; but I wrote that one word. As time passed and I put my emotions to paper, I began to realize I was constantly being negative about myself. So, to counter the negativity, I began to write a positive word about myself for every negative word I wrote about myself. Soon, my attitude began to change and I began to feel better about moving on.


If you are experiencing heartache from a painful breakup, please try this exercise. Buy a journal. You can use a basic notebook, if you want. Commit to writing something, if only one word a day. For every negative word you write about him, you, or the relationship, write a positive word about yourself. This is about your healing. It’s time for you to be selfish in a positive way. As time passes, you should begin to feel better about yourself. Remember, if no one says anything good about you, it is up to you to say good things about yourself.

It Will Get Better

I know it seems almost impossible because breakups leave our heads spinning and hearts shattered. However, you will survive. You are worthy of love. Don’t look back and live in the negative thoughts. You can turn this around and make it the most educational experience. We attract that which we are. If we are negative, we will attract negative people. If we are positive, awesome and fantastic people will be drawn to us. Once you begin to heal yourself, you will soon realize there are better men or women out there who will be honored to know and love you. But first, you must learn to love and respect yourself. You can do it because I did it, too.


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    • rissa62 profile image

      Queen of the Pen 5 years ago

      @toshimi: I am looking forward to reading your future hubs. I can tell you have a lot to share; and I am always on the look out for growth. Bring it on! :-)

    • toshimi profile image

      toshimi 5 years ago from Ohio

      "We attract that which we are. If we are negative, we will attract negative people. If we are positive, awesome and fantastic people will be drawn to us."

      Tell it!

      This was my favorite part of the article. Very positive and uplifting! In the past couple of years I eliminated negative influences in my life and replaced them with positive and what a difference this can make with your attitude and your every day life in general!

      Great read and I cannot wait to keep reading your hubs! Look for mine, I am working on this I promise!