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Ibiza Wedding Tips, make a cheap wedding in Ibiza

Updated on January 24, 2014

Company or Do it yourself Ibiza Wedding

 A wedding in Ibiza can be organized by a company who specalize in weddings, but this usually comes at a high price and over charges for almost everything. Using a wedding planner you should expect everything to be perfect and to your satisfaction. But not everyone has a deep pocket and just a little effort put into your wedding you can do it yourself and save huge amounts of money and meet and comfront the services that will work for you to make a perfect Ibiza wedding.Some things might be common sense others may not be, but we hope the tips help you plan your wedding in Ibiza as smoothly and cost effective to your budget.

Ibiza Wedding – Top 10 tips for a wedding in Ibiza

1. Visit the Island before your wedding, at least 5 months before and research all the services you will need. Talk to the people who provide the services like the person who will make your cake, the catering company, the venue, the celebrant etc... Doing it like this will save you money. A wedding organizer can and will do all this for you but it will come with a high price, compare that too a price of a flight and accommodation you will see yourself save lots of money, and get a better perspective of who you are hiring for your wedding day.

2. The time of year to set your wedding date can save you a lot of money. The season for tourism starts around May and finishes end of October with the best weather being May, June, July, August and September. July and August in Ibiza is peak season and prices of accommodation go up by at least 25%, therefore try to make your wedding date around May or late September when hotels are offering good deals.

3. Where ever you choose your venue to hold your wedding, try to get the accommodation as close as possible. If most your guests are coming from UK or else where they would then not need to hire a car or get Taxis to get to the wedding venue. Also most weddings involve heavy drinking and it’s not advisable for your guests to be driving back to there accommodation after the wedding and taxi fares are not the cheapest in the world. The closer the better.

4. Let your guests know well in advance about your wedding date and its location and even research some accommodation ideas for them, as most weddings that take place on Ibiza are from UK residents, and of course the guests and families would be too, so they need to get to Ibiza. It’s important they can book flights and accommodation earlier and avoid disappointment of being fully booked when the time comes for the wedding day.

5. The cake is one of the most important things for a wedding and should be booked well in advance. Be careful that some venues and restaurants do not know the correct way to store a wedding cake because the temperatures in Ibiza reach well over the 30’s its important to know that a wedding cake cannot be stored in a fridge. Check with the cake maker, they will advise you on the correct way to store the cake before the wedding day. Choosing the right cake maker can make a difference in taste and the way it’s presented.

6. The photographer you hire either in Ibiza or from elsewhere should know the grounds of the venue. Lighting and shadows are important for good photos. He/She should also know the times and schedules of your day so that he/she is in the right places at the right time to catch the best shots. Most good photographers will ask you for this information. Help your photographer to get best results; the photographer should know who is who like the family members so they are aware of those special moments.

7. Unexpected guests or a guest to surprise you on your wedding day should be accounted for; most catering company’s or restaurant venues will calculate the cost by number of persons. Its well worth just going over the intended amount of people expected to be sure that there will be seating and food available for that unexpected guest or even last minute guests.

8. It’s a wise choice to have a selection of different foods for the wedding dinner. Depending on how many guests the odds are that 1 in 5 is a vegetarian. So choose wisely your food so you can keep all your guests happy and not hungry.

9. Make sure you have plenty of shade for your guests at the venue, depending when you have you have your wedding the sun can be extremely hot and you don’t want your guests suffering from the hot temperatures that an average day in Ibiza can produce. I have seen many weddings where all the guests are sat in the sun during the ceremony.

10. Try contacting the accommodation you want to stay in and see if they will give you a discount on organizing a group booking for all your guests. Allot of accommodation on the Island would be very happy to give discounts for big group bookings.

Find the right services in Ibiza

Look for the people and services you can contact direct and cut out the middleman. A resource site for wedding contacts is Ibiza Weddings Spain and for more information about Ibiza and accommodation try Ibiza holidays. There are allot of websites for Ibiza but these above are well established businesses and provide direct contact.You may also be interested in buying VIP club tickets for some of the excellent parties in the summer season of Ibiza.Plenty of club sites can provide you good priced tickets through the season. Another thing to keep in mind is to watch TripAdvisor for other peoples comments about weddings in Ibiza.

Venue Choice

What kind of wedding venue do you want?

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    • profile image

      Lynsay 6 years ago

      We're getting married in Ibiza next June and would love it if anyone could recommend suppliers and most importantly a villa which we can hold the wedding and ceremony at? We live in Thailand so think we're going to find this tough but will be worth it I hope!!! x

    • profile image

      gayle selby 6 years ago

      excellent... now what about Ibiza honeymoons?

    • profile image

      Barbra  7 years ago

      Lovely ideas and tips, I would love to get married on Ibiza.. I see so many photos of dreamy looking weddings on the Island.

    • ibiza-hotels profile image

      ibiza-hotels 7 years ago from Ibiza, Spain

      Good Tips.

    • profile image

      Pedro Alonso 7 years ago

      I organized my wedding on Ibiza and we visted Ibiza for 2 weeks to organize all what we needed. I had done most of the above before I read this article.We saved a lot of money and we had a very successful wedding. I always remember Ibiza for that. Thankyou IBIZA.

    • profile image

      Joan 7 years ago

      Some great tips, Thankyou.

    • profile image

      ibizacakes 7 years ago

      Nice to see someone with common sense regarding weddings on Ibiza. Keep up the good work.

    • profile image

      Ibiza Directory 7 years ago

      Nice tips..