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Ibiza Wedding Venue, Beach wedding, Countryside or at your private villa

Updated on January 7, 2012

Ibiza as a choice

So you have made Ibiza your choice for your wedding. So where do you start in making this a perfect wedding day and a day to remember. Well first of you have chosen the best location in Europe for your marriage. Ibiza is one of the top 5 destinations to get married. Ibiza has it all, and this is why its one of Europe’s top holiday destinations. I could go on and on talking about Ibiza's clubs, beaches, restaurants etc... But we are here to plan your wedding venue.


Ibiza Wedding Venues

Beach venues are hot choice for all weddings around the world, and Ibiza has lots of them around 80 beaches and if we include Formentera you can add another 30 or so beaches to list. So anyone can go onto a beach setup a wedding with a chuppah and some chairs. But too make it perfect you would need to have your food, cake and drinks near, so a beach restaurant would be the best choice. A good thing to do is come to the Island three or four months before your wedding and do all the research. Make a small holiday out of it and really search the Island for the perfect place, cut the costs that a wedding planner would do for you.

About 90% of the beach restaurants on the Island will accept your wedding party; all you need to do is approach the restaurant and ask. Do some research on the internet and list a bunch of top Ibiza wedding venues. Sites like Ibiza Wedding; which offer direct contact to some good venues. Book well in advance and secure your wedding venue.

Also check out the best parts of the Island to get married. Here are some recommended places to look at.

1. San Miguel

2. Santa Eulalia

3. San Juan

4. Es Cana

5. IbizaTown

For a countryside wedding you can do exactly the same thing just approach the venue and ask them. They will be happy to take your business. If you are staying in a hotel, you could try a country hotel. These hotels are five star accommodations and most will operate as a wedding venue.

If you want to hold your wedding in a private villa then you will have to choose carefully your villa, as some villas on the Island are a little smaller than expected. You at least need some big grounds and if your guests are arriving by car, parking is a key factor although not such a big problem. Check with the villa owner that you rent from about holding a wedding. Some owners do not like huge amount of guests and big parties at there villas. See here for Villas on Ibiza

Here is a small list of good places to try for a wedding venue.

Apartments Balanasat, one of the best fish restaurants on the Island located on the beach and it’s a huge complex of apartments the owner makes special deals for weddings. See the Apartments Balansat website.

Can Truy is a countryside wedding venue, very popular.

Jacaranda Lounge in Es Cana is a new venue for weddings and the Hayes family will help you a lot for your wedding.

La Casita, one of the top restaurants on the Island.

Terranova restaurant is another big wedding venue near Santa Eulalia.

Catering for private venues

If you have private accommdation like a villa then you can hire a catering company on the Island. They will provide all the food and drink you need.For a cake you can try Ibiza Cakes who create the best wedding cakes in the Balearics!

Again contact them early and do your research on costs and exactly what you will get for your money.

I wish you a succesful wedding in Ibiza.


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