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I'd Do Anything (chapter one)

Updated on October 14, 2011

Today is the first day of classes in my new school, This summer my family and I moved from Avon Connecticut to the Hamptons. The Hamptons is my calling, the people have such class,and friendship is a fine line between love and hate, and envy, jealousy, and lust. My name is Geniveve and I'am your every desire.

Long and lean with all the right curves and every boy graveling at my feet and all the girls begging for me to be their friend. I have no fear what so ever in school because I have brains and beauty so I know things will go well. As I drive to school and parked my Maserati in the very first spot in the student parking lot boys whistled and girls glared, like usual. My Gucci boots and I strutted our way to first period English class. I choose my seat right in the middle of the class and in the middle of the row so all eyes will be on me. As the class begins to fill shooting eyes began to fly in my direction. With a flick of my hair I turned to the boy next me ans said " Hi.. I'm Geniveve I just moved here from Connecticut." In return he smiled and said " I'm Keegan it's nice to meet you Geniveve but unfortunately your in my girlfriend's seat. I roll my eyes smirk and say "and i care because?." The bell rings for class to begin and just before the Mrs. Freen closes the door a long legged blond walks in, pauses, shoots me a look and then sits heads to the back of the class where i can feel her eyes burning a hole in the back of my head. As class goes on and i begin to slide deeper and deeper into a coma. Every single question is being answered by an annoying voice from behind me. Her name is Jackie and she is Keegan's girlfriend. But not to be upstaged i pick up my game and soon there begins to be a answer the question war. Soon the teacher noticed what was going on and decided to have us do a writing assignment, ans when class was about to end Mrs. Freen said " no everyone i know that we have all noticed our new classmate so lets have her introduced herself" And in my sexiest voice I introduce myself, " hello everybody I'm Geniveve Roslyen and i moved here over the summer. And i don't know I'm fun and friendly and i love to shop and if anyone would care to show me around i would love that." "Well its nice to have you here and I'm sure you will fit in just fine and if anyone has any questions about homework just see me after class or ask a friend." Says Mrs. Freen and then then bell rang

In the hallway i saw Keegan and Jackie at her locker, I strutted over to them as boys blushed as i walked by. " Hi... Jackie right"? " yeah!" " I just wanted to say sorry that i completely stole your seat in class, I'm new here and i had no idea, and another thing i love your coach purse" " Oh my god thank you so much but no its not a problem at all your new here so how were you supposed to know, oh have you meet my boyfriend Keegan"? " yes we met briefly before class he is such a sweet and lovely guy." " Wow i wish my mother could have heard you say that." Well maybe one day ill be able to meet her" as i look into him with smoldering eyes. Trying to hide the obvious sexual tension between Keegan and I, asked Jackie if she would like to join me on an evening out. And she agreed to meet at my house at 4:00. As I walk away to my next class I glance back with a friendly smile and see Jackie Rollin her eyes, and Keegan with lust in his.

In my home mother had Chef Ivan prepare snacks for Jackie and I, after showering and changing into my silk prada dress the doorbell rings...once....twice...three times. Sandra answer the door, what do you think being paid to do, stand there! "yelled mom in an absurdly angry voice. "Hello Jackie i have heard so..much..about you, please come in my dear, let me take your coat." And as I greet Jackie I see mom throw Jackie's coat into Sandra's face as she quietly scold's her quietly. I ask Jackie if she would like something to eat before we leave on our evening out. Jackie slowly paces around our overly decorated and prepared dinner table. She continues peering disgustingly at all of the gourmet food mom ordered Ivan to prepare, with her fingers she dug into the chicken risotto. Then displayed a ghastly grimace upon her face, wiped her post half- sucked finger on mom's silk Egyptian cotton table cloth and said. ill pass till I get home. Loving I thanked mother for the food she had Ivan prepare for us. Jackie was given her coat and headed outside to the limo.Bye Jackie it was lovely to have you in my home. But mom blocked the door before I went out, the fake smile that she had plastered on her face while Jackie was here quickly faded away followed by a flush of bright red anger and resentment became her skin tone. Mom waved Sandra out of the room and began to help me with my coat. In almost a whisper as she buttoned my jacket and tucked my hair behind my ear she said "you know what has to be done right"?. " "Mother (i pleated with her) this is the first time we have ever hung out we don't even know ther girl give her a chance." She cut her evil eyes at me, said nothing and walked away. When i got into the limo and was brushing the lint off my jacket, Jackie said " are you kidding me i've been waiting for like 5 minuets." I say nothing, just cut my eyes at her as we drive off.....


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