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If I Can Change America

Updated on May 28, 2015

What Do You Do When Someone's Walking Towards You

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You need to hear this
You need to hear this | Source
Pay attention
Pay attention | Source

I Choose Positive

Being alive in these present times require a lot of energy to stay focused. More than ever people aiming for a better life have to learn to pick the news they listen to, they have to carefully choose who they associate with and have to be cautious of what occupies their mind.

To some people, our society is getting stronger while to others our morality and social skills are going to the shredder, with the ills of the world today just how do we maintain a positive mindset. How do I respond in the best way possible to someone who has gone out of their way to make my day difficult? Why should I speak well about someone I do not like? it is very understandable if you sometimes have these questions too.

We have to constantly remind ourselves that we can choose to live a positive life even when we feel the societal pull to lose our mind and act crazy. We have to remind ourselves that everyone has the responsibility of giving and reproducing positive energy. We have to remind ourselves not to be focused on the present emotions but keep our focus on the big picture of where we are headed. Lastly, we have to remind ourselves, not everyone would choose to be positive.

If I had the power to effectively change our beloved country, I would. I have gathered the change I would like to see in America, change that would bring us closer, stronger and make us happier.

The changes are about societal behavior and societal structure. Bringing more awareness to the traps that keep people lower than their desired level in life and also pointing a flash light to how low our care for one another has gotten.

So before the candles burn out, before the ideas are forgotten. If words became reality after written, this is how I would change America.

Busy staying busy
Busy staying busy | Source

Challenge To Be Better

I was at a burnfire with friends, we were relaxed on our camp chairs challenging each other on how to be better as we also pondered life issues and growing up.

As the conversation carried on into the cool evening, one of my friends turned to me and asked "What do you like about America?"

It sounded like a very simple question coming out of his mouth but as I thought about my answer, the complexity of the question started growing on me.

I could have easily responded with "Oh, I like everything" just for the sake of carrying on conversation but that would have been a lie.

At that stage in my life, I had begun the practice of easy living with minimal stress and part of that practice was to stop lying.

I sat there, thinking, what would I change about America?

I Affect You, You Affect Me

Having had the opportunity to travel out of the country, I have been exposed to different cultures and one thing that is refreshing when I come back to the country is the variety of options we have to choose from.

We have options for complex things like which hospital to go to for a specific treatment or which retirement plan would best maintain the style we want when we retire. We also have options for everyday activities, different restaurants, events, social circles, communities, style of homes, and you have a high probability of meeting different lovers with the same weird sexual interests you have.

Living in America gives you the option to self reflect, narrowing down on your personal taste. People can customize their life the way they want which also further encourages the living the dream mentality.

Act of Kindness Is Understood Everywhere

Understandably, you might live in a different country. I have come to realize that regardless of our geographical location, humans are not that different in regards to wanting a better society.

The thought process of individuals might be different but that's everywhere even with people in the same country.

With that in mind, some of the changes might apply to your surrounding but I also invite you to consider the changes you would make in your surrounding. Let's brainstorm.

All it takes is one hello
All it takes is one hello | Source
Talk to people
Talk to people | Source

Don't Speak To Me If I Don't Know You

I would change the disconnect between people living in America.

I heard the story of a woman who died in her apartment with the television on and her body was discovered 3 years after death. That goes to show the worth of our relationship with one another.

The disconnect between people is increasing every single day and social media or better still media in general further drives the disconnect.

Today, we rarely know the information of our neighbors either because we do not want to impose or we want our privacy so much we won't bother relating with someone in close proximity.

If you didn't know, people are starved for conversation, don't believe me? work as a customer service agent.

I'd give you a hint from my personal experience. As a customer service agent, a lot of the customers you'd encounter would talk about their life. Very commonly customers would carry a conversation well over 30minutes, talking about their past, present life issues and very personal stories that really has no connection to their initial reason for calling. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with this, if anything I'm delighted these individuals are taking the opportunity to exercise their desire to talk to someone who welcomes their thoughts. This goes to show just how little we know about the people we see every day.

People are more comfortable with strangers they might never see or meet in real life than they are comfortable with the person one or two doors down.

Therapy is wonderful and has done a lot of good but one of the reasons therapists prosper so well is because people do not know how to open up to the people around them.

If you pay attention, you'd notice that we have gradually cultivated the attitude of preferring to have an empty seat in-between us and the person sitting next to us especially if we do not know them. This means rather than striking up a conversation, we'd rather be left alone, why is that?

Sometimes we smile to reduce awkwardness and for days when we could care less, we just don't acknowledge people at all "minding our own business", why is that?

For our society to become stronger, we have to care.

On the path to an easier life, you have to assist people who need your help and for people to not feel like "charity cases" you have to build a relationship with them.

It takes the same amount of time to ignore a person as it takes to say hello and start a conversation. Overcoming social awkwardness is not by staying away from people but by speaking to people one conversation at a time.

We need a media do over or at least a channel that is dedicated to create products that focus on portraying unity between people.

Local communities should carry out engaging events, live shows to bring people out of their homes, interacting with one another.

Our schools should integrate social skills into the curriculum taught to kids before they become adults.

For you to live a positive mindset, you have to care.

Trying to make it work
Trying to make it work | Source

Societal Improvement

Society as a whole could be better.

Marketers are continuously finding new ways to attract customers because the methods they've found in the past have been revealed to consumers as financial pitfalls. Keep in mind, this doesn't mean marketers are the bad guys, they have a job to do however this means that people should be wiser than purchasing what they don't need and in some cases what they don't even want.

The consumer's finance could be better, indebtedness should be avoided like the disease it is.

If I could change America, the amount of interest paid on one mortgage should not be higher than the amount of the house. For example, if your house cost $200,000, you shouldn't have to spend over $400,000 over the life of the mortgage.

Having a positive mindset is a lot easier when your finance is headed in the right direction.

As a society we could do better with people not going after what they cannot afford.

As a society we should reduce benefits social services give to able bodied individuals who choose not to have a job.

As a society we should encourage discipline in the family unit.

As a society we should invest in teaching unmarried adults the difference between a healthy relationship and a toxic relationship.

As a country we should fix my home more than we focus on fixing another's.

We should make family court unbiased and fair to both sexes.

We should assist people with jobs. It is disheartening to spend almost every hour in a day and barely get by. People who opt-in to take financial courses to improve their finances, should be given benefits to assist them catch their breath.


Personal Improvement

I've come to realize that there are a lot of people with a good heart but most of those people change not as a result of losing interest in doing good but as a result of other people either taking advantage of the kindness or people not reciprocating the kindness.

From my experience, I assist as many people as I can and in the rare occasion when I need assistance, there's usually no one there. If you experience the same outcome as I do, I encourage you to continue assisting people, understand that you'd be taken care of when it's your turn to receive.

There are certain situations in life we have to face for ourselves in order to build our muscles and self esteem so embrace life situations, knowing you'd come out a better person.

I encourage people to continuously improve themselves.

For every act of kindness done to you, do one in response.

For every person of the same race you treat politely, treat someone of another race the same.

Learn societal manners like responding with "hello" when someone says hello.

One day, we will all advance to a stage where we don't wait for other people to be nice and cordial to us first. We'd be strong enough to represent positive mindset and courtesy every where we go with everyone we meet.

Positive living is achievable.

You have to be conscious about what you do

You have to pay attention to how your words and action would affect the other person

You have to accept there would be times you would get tired of being positive

You have to embrace that positive living is a way of life not an accessory to life.

If my wishes to change America came through, we'd be friends in real life.

People would be able to trust again. People would choose to see the triumph in the midst of obstacles. Everything is possible but it starts with us.

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