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Can't I Just Go On A Date Without Plans?

Updated on May 13, 2013

Getting Dates

You could be texting different people all day and still not have a confirmed date. When it comes down to it you really don't know what others are leading up to as you talk back and forth in a casual manner like you do everyday. If you have something special in mind with a certain someone you have to jump at the chance to be with them for sure. The only way to make this happen is to plan something, even if it's not some huge thing. The point is that you actually have different things to do up your sleeve.

You want to have the advantage over the other guys who might like to go out with your favorite girl. Just think about it. If the other guy has no idea how to entertain someone on a date and you do, who do you think she'd have more fun with? So you come out and tell her in your text that you'd like to get something to eat and go to the hot club downtown. Yes. You let her know what you've got in mind even if what you want may or may not come at the end of the date in the form of a sleepover.

Of course that shouldn't always be the finale to the night even though it sometime is. Which brings me to the question as to whether or not you can still get a date for the night at the last minute. Okay. Okay. We all know someone we can call at the last minute, but will they even be there? If they can get together you're lucky. Otherwise you'll be stuck hitting the town alone looking to meet up with some new people. It isn't all that bad. It just takes a little guts.

Besides while you're out you may get a text from one of your daytime buddies. There's always hope given you're prepared to be alone if none of your efforts are met by listening ears. When you're single you need to be ready for anything if you want to have a fun and interesting life.If you can accept taking life not so seriously, and be the one to come up with great ideas to fill the time you'll do just fine whether you like to plan for your dates or not.


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