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If I was a lost man without purpose

Updated on March 19, 2012

If I was a lost man without purpose

I would put all my energies and efforts into my looks. I would find it imperative to focus on my body, my car, and my clothes. I would put my money into partying or being in the streets. I would not believe I am anything more than what the media has instilled regarding my image – your only “legendary” trait is within the bedroom.

I may not have a focus, a future, a plan to sustain my life or the life of my future family BUT I can make you feel good for the night. I also think I’m invincible against std’s and will act as if I have no idea how conception works. I will act truly surprised when someone pops up pregnant because indeed my actions are that of a child like nature therefore adult repercussions would be unconscionable to me.

I would choose women who were shallow and unprepared in life because we speak the same language. I would be able to easily impress them with lies, treat them to drinks, and wine and dine them to show appreciation for their presence and short dress. I would be confused when these women lose interest as my spending potential decreases – remember I’m spending beyond my lifestyle. I would choose the best “image” that I could in a woman so we could match on a non-substance level. I would believe these women can’t do without me, perhaps get someone who disrespects me, or even better get someone who discourages & belittles me because I don’t feel good about myself inside. If I didn’t feel good about myself I would be confused meeting a woman that encouraged me, saw great things in me, and encouraged me to reach my potential. This would be too strange for me; who would feed my needs of inadequacy? If a woman treated me like dirt, took my money, and treated me like dirt on the bottom of their heel ….I would appreciate their ability to support my low self-esteem.

I would have kids all over the world, randomly, with whomever whenever. I would blame the women, as if I was not on the scene, for having a child with me. I would never consider marrying the women or having a relationship with them because the reality is they are just as chaotic and mentally unstable as I am but won’t admit it. I may pay child support or I may not. Because I have no integrity or purpose in my life…..every other weekend visits would be fine. I wouldn’t set an example for my daughter or son in terms of what a man should be because I’m not a man with purpose. Giving to my children would consist of buying a fly outfit every now and then to atone for not spending quality time or helping them to learn something of importance. I would think life was meant to be lived with multiple “baby mommas” and money falls out the sky in terms of section 8 and food stamps.

There would be one woman that would scare me. The woman of substance, supportive but wise in who they choose, who has achieved can see right through you and it scares you. You avoid these women like the plague for you fear them expecting you to live to your potential and their accomplishments make you look like an excuse making inadequate fool. They don’t speak your language: designer labels and bar/club conquests vs. home ownership and investments.

If I had no purpose, my actions would be shallow and without purpose. My life would be full of underachievement and excuses. I would focus on my car and looks, everything superficial and seek those who do the same. I would avoid looking at mirrors because they reflect the truth of who I really am. I would never “fix” my situation by improving my life through education/trade/or skill. I most likely have never seen a healthy relationship so dysfunctional chaos would be what I seek. Lack of confidence in myself would result in me competing with every woman – trying to discover their flaws and tear down their self esteem so they feel as bad as I do about myself. I would pursue unaccomplished women because I feel insecure when I face someone who has accomplished goals and achievements where I have lived my life making excuses. I would be content to let women “play” me by needing bill money, rent money, food for the week etcetera because this makes me feel like a provider or superman.

My Point

If you don’t feel like a man FIX IT!

Stop blaming the world for your lack of belief in yourself!

Stop competing with women trying to tear them down to sink them to your level!

If you need to go back to school to better your life – DO IT!

If you need to make more money – find a way to make that happen!

If you don’t know it - A man is much more than his car, clothing, image or swag.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 5 years ago

      I am not sure how the first half meets the second half or even the concluding declarations. It was a nice emotional hoorah. I am sure there are quite a few who agree with you.

    • carbon12 profile image

      carbon12 5 years ago

      They don't call us the Children of the Earth for nothing. This hub is SPOT on. There is one thing I like to tell people and that is, "you can't change anyone but you can change yourself." The majority of us are extremely hesitant to change even if it is good for us. It all breaks down to a mentality thing. Either you want to change or you don't. If people aren't at the very least to try and change then there is the door. You can only blame mommy and daddy so far. You can only blame society so much. You can only blame others for so long. So, when is it that people will take some self-responsibility and own up, grow up, or whatever you call in. It's like we don't evolve. It is hilarious that our technology evolves every 18 months but we our brains have not evolved in 6,000 years. Men will always take longer to evolve, adolescents taught us this. Anyway I go on forever. You got my vote up. Have a great day my friend.