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If Your Man Don't Love You By Now......He Will Never Ever Love You

Updated on August 4, 2011

Now I've Got You Wondering....

Those are some of the lyrics to never ever by Hip Hop's Crunk Princess, Ciara. If you were just thinking that, then you are absolutely right. Ciara's never ever is one of my sources of inspiration for this hub. Ladies, have you ever wondered just what it would take to get the ex back, or how about wondering if the ex boyfriend wants you back; If you have had any of these thoughts, then you and I are on the same page. Seriously, I've said this before, i'm no expert, but i'm writing in all honesty from experiences in love, heartbreak, or whatever it is that it's so called. I have a profound love for music, and one way I can openly and eagerly express myself is through it. Today, I was watching video's on and, I came across Ciara's Never Ever Video. I found myself listening to the lyrics to never ever. In one verse she say's, without you by my side, baby I can't eat or sleep. I thought to myself wow, I felt this way before and it is not a good way to feel. You must , I repeat must get up and refocus. Just as Ciara murmors in the song , but I, got to come down to earth but baby, I don't wanna, I gotta see that you and me weren't meant to be. I can absolutely agree with her. You may not want to move on but if your ex has then you must move past him and let go. I plan on sharing with you some  tips on how to let him go mentally and physically. Women, we must learn how to empower one another in our time's of despair; an sense no one wants to openly admit," he crushed me ,and I feel like all of the wind just got knocked out of me". I  figured what the heck I'll just write about it, and if anyone feels me, I may just gain an audience to converse with, or prevent some poor female from experiencing this agony.

Gotta Come Down to Earth But I Don't Wanna...

First tip; you must come out of the denial stage. You know, this is the stage where you lie to yourself about all the signs. This is also the stage where you will continuously find reasoning with whatever it is that you have left to connect you with this guy i.e., a gift, a baby, a dog, i know it's sounds silly but trust me it happens. This is also the stage where you not seeing or hearing what it is that he is actually saying and doing. You are totally wrapped up in not letting him go. This proves to be unhealthy behavior, and screams despair or unstabled, not a good look. You must stop the sugar coating and see things for just what they are. We as people, not just women need to know that somethings are just not meant to be. Plus with love is supposed to come respect and admiration, if your relationship lacked any of these things then nine times out of ten it was doomed to fail. Second Tip,find a new focus or a new way to devote your time, reform yourself. Ladies I hate to say it but sometimes we put way to much energy into a man who doesn't know how to treat us. If that ever is this case you should move on. Third tip, trust in God or whom ever it is that you shall worship. If God has something in store it is bound to happen. That brings another great singer to mind; Monica clearly states, in Still Standing, I let go and let God. Fourth tip, focus on treating other's the way you want to be treated. If you want a good man, then you have to be a good woman. I think Lyfe Jennings pretty much summed it up when he said, " don't be a nickel out, here looking for a dime." In the words or Ciara, "If that boy don't love you by now, he will never ever love you".


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      rety 5 years ago

      if i say lyrics i mean lyrics