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If You Have Nothing In Common

Updated on July 15, 2011
Try Something New Together
Try Something New Together | Source

You know that person that first caught your eye and they were so attractive you had to be with them. Only to discover later looks is not what can keep a relationship thriving and lucrative. What really builds relationships would be to have something in common. Something you two can share together; something that will bring lasting memories to your relationship.

Being able to do things together that you both may enjoy; for example you may like to explore and your very attractive person likes the indoors only; you've got a problem. That connection bond is made stronger whenever you two embark on ventures together and laugh and therefore are able later to talk about it and laugh more.

If one likes the more wilder lifestyle and the other is much more comfortable being conservative, eventually what you have is one or the other building closer bonds with ones outside the relationship that will enjoy doing things they have in common with, rather than with the person they ought to be bonding with.

Ever wondered how there are those couples you never see together but both are never home. One is one place and the other is somewhere else. It’s simply because they never had anything in common so following the honeymoon the exterior attraction has ended and everyone sort of enters that comfortable skin again, everyone returns to the original person and that original person didn’t like or do the types of things their mate was interesting in, to begin with.

Are looks so blinding that you simply forget to evaluate how compatible the two of you are? However this is not the end or it doesn’t need to be the end of the relationship. At minimum you realize you are drawn to one another, that’s a start. The next thing you must do is look for a common ground. If this means finding a nice diner each week to visit simply to enjoy a laugh together; then take the risk on one another, stop saying no thanks, I am not interested in doing that; check it out.

One may like camping the other doesn’t, so rent a cabin to be considerate and show your mate the fun they could have. It may even result in the next camping trip with a tent, you won’t know until you give it a try. Always remember with all relationships it is going to involve giving and taking. One may like dancing and the other doesn’t. So be considerate and perhaps find an up-scaled dinner club or jazz club. Give your mate your full attention and you never know they may begin to enjoy this particular scene.

Help one another to see you both may have a common ground that you never explored before. Lasting successful relationships will have to bond with one another not with and should avoid bonding instead with other people. Find something totally new that maybe neither of you have tried. By doing this you are able to explore new heights together.

Think of inventive new methods to have some fun together. The flame only goes out when the two of you blow it out. You may have begun with nothing in common; nevertheless, you can create new likes by trying new ventures together. Eventually the two of you will be able to sit and laugh about your brand-new life experiences only the two of you share.


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    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 6 years ago from Guildford

      It is so important to have common ground, common interests, particularly for conversation to grow. Your hub reveals so much that is necessary to keep a couples interests alive.