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Which is More Important to You in a Relationship: Love or Money

Updated on October 2, 2016

Do You Value Money More Than Love

Your ability to enter into a long-term and loving relationship is an important measure of your character and personality. Men and women have different qualities and characteristics that, when properly combined, achieve completion and the balance and harmony marriage demands. Our identity as individuals is not complete until we move away from our parents and decide who we shall be on our own. Such a process makes us independent for the first time. From that way of life we have the option to choose again –to voluntarily marry thereby becoming dependent on someone else.

Women like men who can provide them emotional and financial support, but when it comes to money and love in a relationship, there are differences among people. Ideally, most people want the same general thing in life: a good partner, kids, family, and to be loved. Because everything we do in life is either to get love or to compensate for a lack of love. It just seems like when younger, women are a bit more focused on it than men, and a little bit more time-sensitive about it. This seems perfectly understandable because women can go into menopause while men can still give birth to children at any age.

And, men are more willing to use their wealth as a tool to attract a mate than women because men seem less worried about being used for their wealth than women do.

Solomon hesitated for a moment, and then turned into the driveway at 1.00 am. He swerved as he rang the doorbell, Ann answered, and he swallowed hard as he moved in. “I’ve been worried sick about you. I’ve called your office three times without any reply. Where are you coming from by at this hour?”

Solomon shrugged his shoulders, smiled at her concern, and replied: “Ann, you know I’m a businessman. I’ve been busy with a business colleague. If you want to know where I am and what I’m doing all the time, then you will have a problem. So don’t bother, I’ll always return home when I’m through with the business of the day.”

It’s generally believed that women are attracted to money than men attracted to money. Here is what Ann said, “I’ll go for the rich man. Then with time love will naturally come in. I can’t go for the poor man because poverty goes with painful experience. When you are poor, lot things go wrong in your marriage; there will be no food on the table, no good shelter and clothing, your children can’t go to good schools, the children will suffer. How can you bring children into this world to suffer? The rich man always provides the means to take care of the children. That is why I prefer the rich man.”

“I’ll stick with the rich man any day. As time goes on, love will develop. I might only consider a poor man if I see potentials in him,” Jennifer said. “I hate to suffer. Love cannot put food on the table.”

Gladys didn’t hesitate to declare, “I’ll go for the rich man because as far as I’m concerned, love doesn’t exist. Why should I fall in love with a poor man? The sight of a poor man is revolting. For me, money is love. There’s no such thing as love. I wasn’t born to suffer. I’m sorry but I can’t marry a man simply because of love.”

Gladys might not be right. People need love like roses need rain. It had be observed that without sufficient love and acceptance, individuals exhibit all kinds of personality and physical problems. It is only possible to be happy when your needs for love are completely fulfilled.

This is what Eunice has to say about marrying for love or money. “I can marry a poor man, why not? One thing is certain; I can’t marry a man I don’t love. The rich man might buy you all the material things you need but might not spend quality time with you because he is always out pursuing money. I prefer the one without money if he loves me and I know he won’t take me for granted. Some rich men mostly use and dump women. That’s what most of these rich men do.”

Georgina said, “I can’t because of money marry someone I don’t love, neither would I marry a poor man because of love, because both scenarios will lead to traumatic experience. Some rich men are heartless and uncaring. With a poor man, things are bound to be difficult and no right thinking woman would want to suffer. So, I prefer a man of average means who loves me and I love him.”

Georgina’s view was supported by how Henry treated Tina. He had numerous girlfriends and rarely had time for Tina. She had no choice but to speak out. Tina drew head back, wiped the tears from her eyes, and continued: “No matter how many times I tell myself that I can trust and that it doesn’t matter when I see you with other women –I can’t live any longer with that feeling. Try as I may, Henry, I still feel all is not well. I can’t live everyday wondering who you are with. Trust doesn’t make that the other person can do what he pleases, but knowing that the other person will always be there for you.”

“I’ll go for the poor man so long as I’m convinced the love is genuine. As for the rich man that I don’t love, he can keep all his money. Everything shouldn’t be predicted on money because we all know that money comes and goes. There are things money cannot buy, like genuine affection. If there’s no love in a relationship, it can’t last. Some women go for money rather than love that is why the divorce rate is astronomical,” Janet said.

Even most women will go for money because of the easy life that could be provided for by money while some women still believe in love as typified by the comments of these women: “I’ll marry the one I love because that’s what really counts. I know it’s difficult to love without money but in the end, love always conquers everything. Love, for me, is what matters and not money, because love requires self-denial and sacrifice and self-control. What if I gain every material thing and lose my happiness? I’ll rather marry a pauper who adores and respects me instead of marrying a wealthy man and regret it for the rest of my rest,” Comfort said.

Lilian share Comfort’s view, “I prefer going for the poor man because I’m sure that as time goes on, he’ll get rich with my support and encouragement. That’s the kind of love that lasts as long as long as the man remains focused and doesn’t allow himself get distracted by other trivial things. I’ll stick with him knowing that he who laughs last, laughs best. I know my friends and relatives might try to dissuade me but I’ll follow my heart. My friends won’t live my life for me. A man that doesn’t love me will most likely maltreat me.”

Sandra was blunter, “I’ll marry the one I love because I know God’s time is the best. When you are truly in love with another person, that person’s happiness and well-being become more important than your own. I am willing to pay whatever price and make whatever sacrifice in order to ensure the well-being of the person I love. I’m not afraid of facing hard times with the man because I know the money will come. It’s matter of faith and dedication, as long as he loves me. What if I go for the rich man and eventually realize he’s a ritualist or notorious armed robber? I’ll be probably be sad or the rest of my life.”


Many people marry for the wrong reasons; much pain could be avoided if people decide early what they want out of marriage. Marriage is a commitment involving two people who choose to be deeply dependent on each other. I believe that God began the institution of marriage for some specific purposes. I also believe that careful study of God’s intent might set men and women on the right track. Some people get married mainly to be cared for, not to care for someone else. The healthy contract between two persons who make agreements of marriage is for mutual care. It’s better to marry for love and not money, because money is like wind. The wind comes and goes but love last forever.


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